Perak Mufti To Act In Local Horror-Comedy Theatre Production

A change in career?

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Perak Mufti To Act In Local Horror-Comedy Theatre Production

Hmmm.... talk about embarking on an unusual career path.

Perlis Mufti Datuk Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin a.k.a Dr Maza recently revealed that he is set to make his debut in a theatre production soon.

From the mosque to the stage.

According to a report in New Straits Times, the Islamic scholar will star as himself in the production titled ‘Korupsi Dewan Semandung’.

Using theatre to talk about corruption

“What really attracted me to be part of this production is the word ‘korupsi’ in the title, and I figured this would be a good platform for me to talk further about corruption in the eyes of Islam,” he said.

Dr Maza has however reaffirmed that the stage appearance was no indication that he was considering a career change. 

“My involvement in this theatre does not mean that I want acting as my career,” added the 49-year-old in jest.

A host of local actors and comedians will star in production

An interesting mix. Horror, comedy and corruption.

The theatre production is a horror-comedy genre and will see among others, comedians Vicha, Tauke, Azrul, Chemat, Abam, Mark Adam, Joey Daud, Tapai, Chiwan and Hanna Halim.

The play is about an old multi-purpose hall in a village which had long been deserted by the villagers, believed to be haunted.

Interested in catching Dr Maza in action? Catch the ‘Korupsi Dewan Semandung’ at Istana Budaya on Feb 28, 29 and March 1.

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