Nobody Gets Left Behind: ‘Lilo And Stitch’ To Get Live-Action Film For Disney+

One after another live-action flick from Disney.

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Nobody Gets Left Behind: ‘Lilo And Stitch’ To Get Live-Action Film For Disney+

"Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten."

Love live-action adaptations? Well, you’re in for a House of Mouse treat.

Disney recently announced that they’re adapting one of our beloved classic animated films, ‘Bambi’, into a live-action flick that’ll probably traumatise a new generation.

And Disney being Disney, it didn’t take long for them to take another Disney classic and give it the live-action treatment.

New movie, same plot

According to The DisInsider, a live-action film remake of ‘Lilo and Stitch’ will be heading to the streaming platform Disney+ soon.

Ready for their shenanigans?
The live-action film will reportedly have the same plot as the animated version, according to the synopsis: “The story is about the bond formed between a lonely human girl named Lilo and a dog-like alien named Stitch, who is engineered to be a force of destruction.”

Filming will reportedly begin this fall in Hawaii and will star Chris Sanders, who voiced Stitch and also co-directed the 2002 animated film.

No word yet on who else will star the live-action adaptation, or who will be sitting in the director’s chair, as a matter of fact.

The movie is scheduled to drop on Disney+ sometime in 2021.

Can't wait for the live-adaptation!
‘Lilo and Stitch’ originally premiered in 2002 and made USD273 million (RM1.13 billion) at the global box office.

Let’s hope that Disney will get Stitch’s look right, as we definitely don’t want to be traumatised after seeing how real-life ‘Sonic’ looks like.

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