90s Kids, Are You Ready? Backstreet Boys Plans To Go On Tour With NSYNC

Shut up and take all of our money!

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90s Kids, Are You Ready? Backstreet Boys Plans To Go On Tour With NSYNC
REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni via The Jakarta Post

Make it happen, please!

How does a world tour featuring two of our favourite childhood boybands sound like? An epic musical journey, right?

Well, quit playing with our hearts already because it’s time that they make it happen already!

Joining forces?

In a recent interview with Andy Cohen on ‘Watch What Happens Live’, the Backstreet Boys have expressed interest in going on tour with NSYNC.

The boys were initially asked what do they thought of Justin Timberlake's disinterest in reuniting with his former bandmates.

We want you back on stage, NSYNC!
Instead of addressing Timberlake’s absence, Nick Carter suggested something even better and exciting for every 80s and 90s kid.

"Maybe in the future, after we're done with our world tour, maybe we could do a tour with Backstreet and the four of them, maybe like a package tour," Carter said.

NSYNC recently returned to the limelight sans-Timberlake back in 2019 when they performed alongside Ariana Grande at Coachella that sent fans in hysterics.

Yeah, bye bye bye JT.
Although the tour will be incomplete if Timberlake decides not to join in, it’s definitely a dream come true for every boyband-loving teen of the 90s.

After all, the Backstreet Boys did go on a tour with another popular 90s boyband, New Kids On The Block, back in 2011, so the idea of them teaming up with NSYNC is not that far-fetched.

So, when will this dreamy tour happen? Only time will tell.

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