You Can Soon Own (And Wear) Kim Kardashian's A$$

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You Can Soon Own (And Wear) Kim Kardashian's A$$
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Make that butt yours!

You know how Nicki Minaj mentioned that she "don't want none unless you got buns, hun"?

Oh, soon you'll be able to buy yourself some of those buns.

Kim Kardashian's buns, that is.

Two years in the making

Get Kim K's butt - minus the genes!
According to The New York Post, a group of artists from Sweden have created a synthetic butt modelled after the 39-year-old's famous behind.

The idea behind 'The Bum' was the brainchild of artists Simon Saarinen and Ida Jonsson, who worked together with fashion designer Beate Karlsson to come up with the prototype (which is basically a pair of biker shorts made out of silicon).

You want the bum? You get the bum!The trio debuted 'The Bum' at the New York Fashion Week recently.

The NY Post reported that Jonsson and Saarinen began analysing all the images of Kim K's posterior and information they could find online two years ago to create a true-to-scale, photorealistic 3D rendering of her famous asset.

Despite making its runway debut, 'The Bum' is not available for sale yet as they are still trying to find ways to trim down the weight of the butt.

Just like the real deal.
The current one reportedly weighs around 3kg, and the goal is to make it as lightweight and as comfortable as possible before the team decides to put it on the market in limited numbers later this year.

And when it does make its way to the shelves, you'll probably have to fork out between USD450 (RM1,871) and USD600 (RM2495) to get one.

We know the price is a little hefty, but hey, it is still cheaper and far safer than going under the knife, right?

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