Dato Sri Vida And Cik B Looks Unrecognisable In Magazine Cover, Netizens Love It

They look pretty and polished!

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Dato Sri Vida And Cik B Looks Unrecognisable In Magazine Cover, Netizens Love It
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Beautiful mother and daughter!

Let’s be real, almost everyone knows who Dato Sri Vida, or also known as DSV, is.

The Qu Puteh founder is known for her outgoing and flamboyant personality, as well as her lavish outfits (read: bling-bling jewelry and designer handbags).

It is very rarely we see her not in a colourful or striking ensemble, but on one special occasion, DSV gets a makeover that’ll leave you speechless.

Daughter steals her thunder

The entrepreneur from Kelantan and her daughter, Cik B, recently appeared on the cover of the March issue for local magazine Nona.

Ini dia cover 2 Majalah Nona Mac 2020! Eksklusif! Penampilan khas CEO muda @cikb_havoc66 bersama ibu tersayang, usahawan kosmetik terkenal @datoserivida ❤️💋 Pertama kali tengok Cik B berpenampilan anggun dan feminin dengan dress labuh! Cantik kan? Dapatkan Majalah Nona edisi Mac 2020 di pasaran pada awal Mac nanti atau pre-order sekarang ni laman web! Busana: @mirol_jonit (Dato’ Sri Vida) @amaze_official_ (Cik B) Solekan: @rozlanassir (Dato’ Sri Vida), @ayangkamell (Cik B) Dandanan: @ayangkamell (Cik B) Penata gaya hijab: @rozlanassir (Dato’ Sri Vida) #majalahnona #inspirasinona #realitiimpianwanita #datosrivida #cikb #nonamac2020

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But it was Cik B who ultimately stole the spotlight as she usually doesn’t wear makeup, on top of dressing up boyishly.

Both of them donned all-black designer dresses and it was really refreshing to see DSV wearing something that’s not colourful for once.

Malaysians were stunned by their makeover and sang praises to the mother and daughter.

Some even mistaken DSV with Anita Sarawak thanks to her makeup.


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Here’s how Malaysians reacted to their makeovers: This is high fashion, guys!

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