Everything That Went Down At Kanye West's Fashion Show

The hip hop star held a huge and (once again) controversial show to kick off New York Fashion Week F/W 2017 On Roosevelt Island.

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Everything That Went Down At Kanye West's  Fashion Show
Yeezy flabbergasted us with another fashion show, and Season 4 has come and gone, but we learnt a couple of things along the way. Kanye West is notorious for being opinionated and a pioneer when it comes to everything he does. 

It is clear that Kanye West loves neutral bodysuits, as they were the main focal point of the show and every type is acceptable from full butt, thong style and ones with cutouts and unitards of every length. He used various model body types and it is quite refreshing to see so much diversity on a catwalk. It is obvious with his show that pants are optional, as we saw Sofia Richie on the runway in her Yeezy Season 4 yellow-green shearling coat, forgoing bottoms all together and the majority of his models wore his new waist-high boots. 
Mr. West’s show was full of knee-highs and fashionistas will be glad that their legs will not be cold this winter. Another fashion tip based on the runway show is that when you are sporting oversized long sleeve shirts or wearing it as a dress, you’ve to still cinch things at the waist. The designer likes to wrap bandage-like textile around body frames. 
Image: Sally Holmes
Yeezy also loves his hoodies, whether it’s a jacket, a long sleeve shirt or an actual sweatshirt – hoodies are an essential for all occasions according to Kanye’s standards. The more oversized and loose, the better. 

But aside from all the fashion excitement, the show was a total and utter disaster, with models stumbling and bumbling down a makeshift runway as the stilettoes dismantled under their feet. The much-anticipated event (which apparently started two hours late) was staged on the grounds of a long-abandoned smallpox hospital on Roosevelt Island. Fuming guests were confined on buses while one model fainted due to the heat and had to rely on an audience member for some water. 
To see the models in neutral-coloured bodysuits and garments, continuing his signature theme, a New York Times Style reporter compared it to a “middle school field trip”. 
While another editor from joked: “The #YeezyBus is really glamorous, guys! Especially when the bathroom door swings open and nearly slaps us”.

“Lots of shoes breaking today at #YEEZYSEASON4 – But the clothes look good!” Weiss cracked about the New York Fashion Week event.

Newsday journalist Anne Bratskeir shared a clip on Instagram and wrote: "This is so sad the model cannot walk in these ill-conceived boots."
Stella Bugbee, editorial director at The Cut, seemed to sum up the general reaction to the show in a tweet. “The most responsible thing we could all do would be to write NOTHING about this show. #YeezySeason4,” she wrote. (SAVAGE.) 

“Overheard on the Yeezy Season 4 bus: “It feels like we’re being kidnapped,” tweeted Gerald Flores, editor of Sole Collector.

No matter what Kanye West does, it's always tainted with controversy, it seems to follow his every move and today was no different as he debuted his Yeezy Season 4 collection. Whoever made the prototypes for the Yeezy Season 4 heels...TRAGIC! 

At least Kylie Jenner is totally digging Yeezy's new season! 


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