Local Actress Maya Karin Launches Campaign To Help Save Our Malayan Tigers

Let's go, Maya!

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Local Actress Maya Karin Launches Campaign To Help Save Our Malayan Tigers
Instagram/MayaKarin & WWF

A tiger's friend.

Unless you've been living under a giant rock, you would know that the number of Malayan tigers are rapidly decreasing.

And just recently, they have been classified as a ‘Critically Endangered’ species under the IUCN Red List.

Thanks to illegal poaching and mass deforestation, their fight for survival is extremely long and extremely difficult.

Local actress Maya Karin wants Malaysians to know that with her new campaign.

High time to do something

The 40-year-old started the 'Save Our Malayan Tigers' campaign in March last year, Sinar Harian reported.

The campaign even managed to rope in Tun Dr Siti Hasmah as a patron.

We need to save our wildlife. Kalau bukan kita siapa lagi?? #gengharimau

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The 'Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam' star told the Malay daily that thanks to the attention she got from the river cleanliness campaign, she felt that she has the support and power to take on another enviromental campaign.

“I was surprised when my efforts to save the river and raise awareness managed to get a lot of attention from people.

“The 'Maya Karin Challenge' that I started in September 2018 is still getting people’s response until now.

“I don’t want to stick to just one campaign and now I’ve taken on another campaign to save the tigers,” she was quoted as saying.

We need to save our tiger friends.
There are fewer than 200 Malayan tigers left in the wild, Maya said, so it is high time to do something to save the species.

“There are some who feel why should they worry because there are 200 Malayan tigers left in Malaysia but they have to bear in mind, the mating process to get cubs aren’t easy.

“If that figure falls to 120, the government can declare the species extinct. So, I will think about what can be done to raise awareness on this problem,” she was quoted as saying.

The whole process of saving an endangered species is not easy, but Maya's commitment in raising awareness is a good first step.

Thank you, Maya Karin.

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