James Bond Really Has ‘No Time To Die’ During COVID-19, Postpones Movie To November

Agent 007 isn’t taking chances.

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James Bond Really Has ‘No Time To Die’ During COVID-19, Postpones Movie To November
Entertainment Weekly

Eight more months to go!

Not too long ago, we reported that the production team for James Bond’s new movie ‘No Time To Die’ has decided to cancel their promotional tour in China due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Hopes of the outbreak subsiding seems very bleak at the moment as the number of infected COVID-19 patients are climbing and now, more countries have joined the casualty list.

Well, it looks like Mr. Bond isn’t taking his chances anymore as the 007 production team has ultimately decided to do something more drastic – pushing back the release of ‘No Time To Die’ to November 2020.

First Hollywood film to be postponed

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the latest James Bond flick is the first Hollywood film to postpone its global release due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Mr. Bond wants to stay alive.
The 25th installment of Agent 007's adventure was originally scheduled to premiere on 9 April, but will now meet fans probably in mid-November.

‘No Time To Die’ is set to be Daniel Craig’s last film as the titular secret agent.

The team may have made a wise decision as the popular film franchise is at risk of losing millions due to the closure of cinemas in several key markets.
So, since the box office earnings for the film has ‘Not Time To Die’ too, guess we fans will have to wait for another eight more months until it premieres.

Let’s all pray and hope that the COVID-19 situation will improve soon.

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