Mr Bond, James Bond Gets Special 7kg Gold Coin Worth RM37,000


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Mr Bond, James Bond Gets Special 7kg Gold Coin Worth RM37,000
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Bond gets a coin.

The release of Mr Bond's latest film, 'No Time To Die', may have been postponed to November, but that did not diminish the suave spy's swagger whatsoever.

In conjunction with the release of the film, Britain's Royal Mint has unveiled a special seven-kilogramme gold coin.

That's right, a seven-friggin'-kilogramme gold coin.

Largest gold coin ever made

Can't fit in our pocket.
According to a report by AFP-Relaxnews, the James Bond-themed gold coin is said to have the highest face value in Royal Mint's 1,100-year history.

The gold coin is reportedly worth £7,000 (RM37,765), as it is the largest coin ever made by Britain's official coin-maker.

On the face of the coin, you'll find it engraved with an image of an Aston Martin DB5 and its famous BMT 216A number plate, surrounded by a gun barrel made famous in the opening montages of Bond films.

Mr Bond and his favourite car.
​“The design series focuses on iconic imagery from the Bond films.

“Finding the balance between design detail and what can be accomplished in production was a challenge, nowhere more so than the intricate spokes of the DB5's wheel,” said designers Christian Davies and Matt Dent said in a statement.

Smaller pieces if you can't afford the big one.
On top of the seven-kilo gold coin, the ensemble also includes gold coins weighing two kilogrammes, one kilogramme and five ounces, as well as a number of silver and other coins.

However, the Royal Mint did not reveal how much the seven-kilo gold coin will cost you, but the two-kilo ones will set you back around £129,990 (RM692,618). 

But hey, considering this is Daniel Craig's last movie as the suave spy, the gold coins are a must-get, don't you think?

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