Get Your Pixie Dusts Ready, Disney Is Making A Live-Action Film For ‘Peter Pan’

They’ve also found the cast for the two leads.

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Get Your Pixie Dusts Ready, Disney Is Making A Live-Action Film For ‘Peter Pan’

We want to go to Neverland too!

When we were kids, there was one Disney film that we secretly wished we could star in – ‘Peter Pan’.

Seeing Peter Pan fly off to Neverland with Wendy and the rest thanks to Thinkerbell’s pixie dust seems like an absolute dream for all of us.

And it looks like Disney will be bringing back those memories once again onto the silver screens.

The cast has been set

According to Variety, Disney has added ‘Peter Pan’ to its growing list of live-action adaptations.

Remember how Peter's shadow separating from him and having different personalities?
Not only that, the Mouse House has also found the cast to play Peter Pan and Wendy.

Upcoming star Ever Anderson will play Wendy while Alexander Molony is on board to play Peter. Casting for the rest of the roles has yet to be announced.

In case you're wondering, Anderson is set to appear in the upcoming ‘Black Widow’ flick as the younger version of Scarlett Johansson.

She’s also the daughter of actress Milla Jovovich.

Ever and her momma.
This film could potentially be the breakout film for both young stars.

No word yet on when will ‘Peter Pan’ be released, but let’s hope it’ll happen not too long from now because we can't wait to revisit Neverland!

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