Naomi Campbell Shows How It’s Done When Flying During COVID-19 Outbreak

All hail queen Naomi!

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Naomi Campbell Shows How It’s Done When Flying During COVID-19 Outbreak
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Better safe than sorry.

If you’ve been following supermodel Naomi Campbell for a while, you’ll know what a germophobe she is, especially when it comes to flying.
Last year, a video of her vlog went viral after she shared her extensive airport routine with her fans.
The video shows her cleaning up and sanitising her first-class seat on a Qatar Airways plane with her gloves on using antibacterial wipes. She ends her routine by using her own seat cover and wearing a face mask.
Her routine impressed people from all over the world (including us) and the video has since garnered over 2.5 million views.

Fast forward to 2020, we’re in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Naomi shows up once again to show the world how it should be done when you’re travelling during the outbreak.
In a series of photos, the supermodel recently shared on her social media platforms, Campbell is seen wearing a hazmat suit, rubber gloves, face mask, and protective glasses at the airport.
Apparently, she had to board the flight from LA to go back to New York.

Hazmat, But Make It Fashion

Some people may think she’s taking it too far or she’s over the top, but since it’s Naomi we’re talking about, we’re not surprised she went this far.
Fans praised her decision to don the unfashionable hazmat suit in the name of health, and some even said that “you don’t even have to get ready if you stay ready” like Naomi.
However, there were also other who weren’t too pleased with her as they felt that she was making fun of the situation.
Naomi is expected to drop her latest vlog wearing the hazmat suit within a day or two. We can’t wait to watch it!
Well, regardless of what people think of her, if she feels safer doing so, then be it.
No one wants to take their chances especially if you have to travel in public places and use the airport.

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