“Not An Easy Decision” - Joe Flizzow Postpones Wedding Due To Coronavirus

The wedding was due to take place this coming April.

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“Not An Easy Decision” - Joe Flizzow Postpones Wedding Due To Coronavirus
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Good call, guys.

If there’s one wedding everyone in Malaysia is looking forward to this year, it’s the one by our very own hip hop king, Joe Flizzow.
The budak Subang Jaya officially put a ring on his long-time girlfriend, Nini Marini last December.
The lovebirds got engaged in closed ceremony at Nini’s family home and are scheduled to tie the knot in April 2020.
However, due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic and the government’s Movement Control Order that’ll take place between 18 to 31 March, Joe has decided that it’s best to postpone his wedding for the time being.

'I have to be responsible'

Stay strong Joe and fiancee!
In an official statement, Joe or Johan Ishak has announced that his wedding will be held at a later date.
“It was not an easy decision as I’ve been looking forward to share the joyous day with my family and friends,” Joe said.
“But I have to be responsible and respect the authorities’ decision to not have any social gatherings.”
Although it might take longer for friends and fans to see Joe and Nini on the ‘pelamin’, the both are still getting hitched and their solemnisation ceremony will take place as planned in early April.
The pair got engaged in December.
Only close family members and friends will be invited to the solemnisation, the rapper said.
It’s definitely a hard decision to make after all that planning, but we know it’s for the best.
Kudos to Joe, Nini, and all the other soon-to-wed couples who made the call to postpone their wedding in order to combat the growing COVID-19 pandemic.

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