North Koreans Don’t Think ‘Crash Landing On You’ Star Hyun Bin Is Handsome. Here’s Why!

Wonder what the beauty standards are like in the North.

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North Koreans Don’t Think ‘Crash Landing On You’ Star Hyun Bin Is Handsome. Here’s Why!

Saranghaeyo oppa Ri!

Thanks to the Movement Control Order (MCO), some of us eventually gave in and started binge-watching K-dramas.

And one of the trending, die-die-must-watch K-drama that's current trending in Malaysia right now is ‘Crash Landing On You’ (CLOY).

Many of you may find the lead actor Hyun Bin -- who plays Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok, the captain of an armed forces in North Korea -- as an absolute heartthrob.

One of the cutest scenes in 'CLOY'.
But ironically, the country that he originated from in 'CLOY' might beg to differ.

Big frame = sexy

According to entertainment site AllKpop, the 37-year-old actor isn’t viewed as an attractive man by North Koreans because he doesn’t have a pot belly.

"For North Korean men, having a big frame is associated with beauty. People who are skinny like me are treated worse than dogs. It's a bit suspicious that a North Korean would say Hyun Bin is handsome," North Korean defector Park Yoo Sung said in a video posted on his North Korean Man YouTube channel late last month.

“There is no such thing as dieting in North Korea and only people from rich families have bellies that stick out. That's why North and South Korean beauty standards are so different."
Park added that pot bellies are seen as a symbol of wealth, and men with such bellies will get more respect and admiration.

The YouTuber then gave another South Korean actor as an example of who would definitely turn heads in North Korea – ‘Train To Busan’ star Ma Dong-seok.

Yup, this guy, and not the movie's lead actor Gong Yoo:

Hey there, sexy man.
It’s OK, Hyun Bin; North Korea may not have eyes on you but the rest of the world do!

And in other news, one of the cast members of 'CLOY' who plays Captain Ri's subordinate is actually of Malaysian descendent! Click here to read more.

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