1 Million Views: Watch The Viral “Sentiasa Di Sini” Music Video Featuring 26 Local Artistes

One million views and counting.

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1 Million Views: Watch The Viral “Sentiasa Di Sini” Music Video Featuring 26 Local Artistes
YouTube/Astro Gempak

Coming together to lift the spirits of Malaysians.

In these tough and desperate times, Malaysians are joining forces to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic once and for all.

But nobody has sacrificed more than our medical frontliners, who are working tirelessly day and night to ensure that we, Malaysians, are safe.

And as a gesture of thank you, a group of Malaysian artistes came together to release an inspiring new song.

A group effort

To keep Malaysians entertained at home, Astro, through its digital entertainment portal Gempak, launched an original song to thank Malaysians for sticking together through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Titled “Sentiasa Di Sini”, the song was composed by local composers and lyricists AG Coco and Noh Salleh.

A total of 26 famed local singers lent their voice to support the initiative, including the likes of Noh himself, Faizal Tahir, NJWA, Dayang Nurfaizah, Naim Daniel, Kashika, Ali Masdo, Mimi One Nation Emcee, Nicole Lai, Syamel, Ara Johara, and Ernie Zakri. 

Azlan Typewriter, Marsha Milan, Imran Ajmain, EL Ceria Popstar, Yoyo, Dinda, Umairah, Nehsan Selvaraj, Danny Ah Boy, Jacqueline, Putera Muhammad, Masya Masyitah, Ucop and Xavier are also part of the line-up.

Noh said all the celebrities decided to come together for the music video to pay tribute to the frontliners, as well as fellow Malaysians who are united against the pandemic. 

Interestingly, the song was recorded and produced remotely with each performer manually recording the audio and video clip of them singing.

“We, the local celebrities, give our full support to our frontliners who are committed to the cause. The whole of Malaysia wants something positive, and I am extremely proud to be part of this project. Through this song, I hope it gives Malaysians the spirit to face these tough times”.

Watch the music video below:

Raja Jastina Arshad, the Vice President of Astro Shaw & Nusantara, said Astro is honoured to be given the opportunity to work with so many talented local artistes on a project aimed at lifting the spirits of frontliners and Malaysians alike.

“When Malaysians are advised to stay at home, support can not only be given financially, but through songs and encouraging words. We want to thank our frontliners and Malaysians for rising above the pandemic challenge."

Malaysians love it

Thanks to its catchy tune and inspiring lyrics, the music video has gone viral on social media, amassing a total of over one million views across all of Astro's digital platforms.

In fact, a lot of netizens are in love with the music video:

Well done, you guys! And thank you for sacrificing your life to ensure that ours are save, frontliners.

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