"Sentiasa Di Sini" And Other Local Inspirational Music Videos You Need To Watch

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During these tough times -- or any tough times, for that matter -- there's one thing that never fails to inspire people: music.

Music has the power to unite people, regardless of age, skin colour and status.

So, it's not surprise to see that some of Malaysia's biggest artistes coming together to lift the spirits of Malaysians, and the frontliners especially, during the Movement Control Order (MCO).

Here's a list of the most inspirational, most catchy music videos you need to check out:

But first, the most watched video in Malaysia

Titled “Sentiasa Di Sini”, the song was composed by local composers and lyricists AG Coco and Noh Salleh, in collaboration with Astro.

But what makes this music video different from the rest is that a total of 26 famed local singers lent their voice to support the initiative -- from the comfort of their own homes, nonetheless -- including the likes of Noh himself, Faizal Tahir, NJWA, Dayang Nurfaizah, Naim Daniel, Kashika, Ali Masdo, Mimi One Nation Emcee, Nicole Lai, Syamel, Ara Johara, and Ernie Zakri. 

Azlan Typewriter, Marsha Milan, Imran Ajmain, EL Ceria Popstar, Yoyo, Dinda, Umairah, Nehsan Selvaraj, Danny Ah Boy, Jacqueline, Putera Muhammad, Masya Masyitah, Ucop and Xavier are also part of the line-up.

Watch the music video below:

As of Friday (24 April), the music video has accumulated more than 2.2 million views, a pretty incredible feat considering that it was released just less than a week ago.

That makes "Sentiasa Di Sini" the most-viewed COVID-19 related music video in Malaysia, so do check it out above if yu haven't already.

Other music videos you should watch

Besides "Sentiasa Di Sini", some of Malaysia's biggest brands and most popular artistes also released their very own music videos to say thank you and inspire our frontliners who's currently hard at work to make sure that we're safe during these tough times.

These are some of the best you need to check out:

"Make It Through" - Faizal Tahir and Zee Avi:

"#SamaSamaSehati" - Dato' Sri Siti Nurhaliza:

"#HopeForMalaysians - Arena Cahaya" - Zee Avi:

"Doa Wira Negara" - Henry:

"The Climb" - Various artistes:

"#JanganKeluar" - Various artistes:

"Stay Safe @ Home" - Sheila Majid, Jaclyn Victor, Ah Niu, Ana Raffali and Altimet:

We at Rojak Daily would like to thank all the frontliners out there who are sacrificing their lives to ensure that ours are safe.

Keep up the good fight, and remember; we Malaysians are always behind you.

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