Nicolas Cage Is Set To Play Joe Exotic From 'Tiger King' In Scripted Series

Who else could play it better?

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Nicolas Cage Is Set To Play Joe Exotic From 'Tiger King' In Scripted Series

By now, you probably would have heard about Joe Exotic, the 'Tiger King', even if you haven't watched the show about him, his zoo and his partners. 

Joe Exotic and his crew became famous after the show started airing on a popular streaming site, mainly for the absolute 'WTF' moments and incidents portrayed in the show. 

(If you've watched it, you know what we're talking about)

People were mind-blown by the sheer drama and all the plot twists that could beat even the most ridiculous plots in fictional shows.

More Joe Exotic coming soon

Joe Exotic feeding one of his big cats
Now, ​CBS Television Studios and Imagine Television will be producing a scripted version of the colourful story based on an article titled 'Joe Exotic: A Dark Journey into the World of a Man Gone Wild' published in Texas Monthly in 2019. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, 'Ghost Rider' star Nicolas Cage will be playing Joe Exotic in what would be his television debut. 

The scripted eight-episode show will revolve around Joe Exotic, whose real name is Joe Schreibvogel, and how he started his zoo, his relationship with Jeff Lowe and Carole Baskin and his fight to keep the zoo at the risk of his own sanity.

No other cast members have been announced thus far, the website reported.

Nicolas Cage
Considering how eccentric Cage is, he may just be the perfect person to play the character, despite other equally interesting actors such as Jared Leto and Dax Shepard have also expressed their interest in playing Joe Exotic. 

We can't wait to see the scripted show and what new nuggets of information it will give us about the weirdly-fascinating story of  'Tiger King'. 

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