Daniel Radcliffe (And Other Celebrities) Will Be Reading 'The Philosopher's Stone' To You!

Reading of the first chapter is already available!

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Daniel Radcliffe (And Other Celebrities) Will Be Reading 'The Philosopher's Stone' To You!
Screenshot from Wizarding World

Watching this on loop

Despite all the bad things that have been happening this year, there have also been many good things - from the support people show each other, adapting to a "new normal" and lots of creative content from the famous and the not-so-famous. 

The latest content that had us squeeling in delight and jumping up and down in joy was the announcement that people affliated with the 'Harry Potter' franchise (including Mr Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliff, Newt Scamander a.k.a Eddie Redmayne, Stephen Fry and others who narrated all the original audiobooks) will be reading a chapter each from 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'. 

Make the stars read it to you.

Hear it from the pros

On top of the 'Harry Potter' cast, even those not directly related to the 'Harry Potter' franchise, such as footballer David Beckham, will be reading one of the chapters!

The reading of the first chapter by Radcliffe is already out in video and audio form, and we have to say, we enjoyed it thoroughly! 

How much more exciting can it be to be read about the 'Boy Who Lived' by the man who became the face of Harry Potter as a child?

Awww... look at how adorable Radcliffe looked in the first movie!
As Radcliffe reads the chapter, the audience is also delighted with beautiful artwork intersperced in the experience. 

You can watch the video here or alternatively, you can listen to the audio version of it on Spotify.

There are about 16 more chapters to go before the readings end and if you're a Potterhead who have amazing artwork of key parts of the first book, you can submit it to the Wizarding World page and might be featured in the next videos! 

This intiative by the Wizarding World is a part of its 'Harry Potter At Home' programme, which aims to help little children get into the world of magic while keeping them occupied this lockdown season. 

We can't wait for the rest of the readings! Can you?

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