Love Lat's 'Kampung Boy' Comics? You Can Visit The Actual House Soon!

It's a replica of the original house in the comic.

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Love Lat's 'Kampung Boy' Comics? You Can Visit The Actual House Soon!

Grew up a fan of the comics from local cartoonist Lat? Great, because here's some good news for you!

Fans of 'Kampung Boy' graphic novel will soon be able to see the house that the character lives in, The Star reported. 

The house is a replica of the one cartoonist Lat, whose real name is Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid, based his comics on.

The original house in Batu Gajah, Perak, where the cartoonist spent some of his childhood, is no longer there.

However, the replica is being built 30 mins away from Ipoh and will be filled with relics from days past. 

Step back in time to experience a typical 'kampung house' from decades ago

The house will be decorated with some of Lat's own personal belongings, as well as antique items from pre-World War II era. 

The house is the 69-year-old's personal project, and he hopes that the house will capture a sense of history and nostalgia for visitors to appreciate. 

If you grew up reading the graphic novel, you'd know how the books simply yet charmingly tells the story of a 'kampung' boy growing up in a village in Perak in the 1950s. 

Although 'Kampung Boy' was first published in 1979, it is still quite popular and spoken about fondly by many today. 

Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid, better known as Lat
A commentator on Goodread even said: "Honestly, if you call yourself a Malaysian then you better read this. You are not a true patriot if you haven't read this."

It will truly be a treat to fans to not only get a look at the house itself, but also all the personal items and other things that are expected to be on display. 

We can't wait for the house to be opened.

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