‘SYIF MALAM RAYA’ Collects RM1.6 million In Four Days On Astro First

Since screening from 21 May, SMR has received positive response from local film enthusiasts

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‘SYIF MALAM RAYA’ Collects RM1.6 million In Four Days On Astro First

‘Syif Malam Raya’ (SMR), film produced by Ray Theme Sdn Bhd and distributed by United Studios, has successfully collected RM1.6 million after 4 days of screening on Astro First. 

This is testament that with an effective marketing strategy, Astro First is an ideal platform for screening of big-screen films, and has the ability to reach collection amounts similar to cinemas.

Since screening from 21 May, SMR has received positive response from local film enthusiasts. Many remain excited about YouTube celebrity, Yoe Pare, Asif Suhaimi and Syahmi Sazly making their debut for a big screen film.  

SMR presents a popular cast line-up including the champion of ‘Maharaja Lawak Mega 2014’ i.e., the Zero group, Atu, Sharif and Syaiful; social media stars, Yoe Parey, Asif Suhaimi, Syahmi Sazly; popular comedian Danial Lawak Solo, Ropie, Saiful Apek, Azlee Senario, and talented actor Reen Rahim, Emelda Rosemila, Nadia Brian, Lia Natalia and Shiela Mambo.

Raja Jastina Raja Arshad, Vice President, Head of Astro Shaw & Nusantara, said, “At Astro, we continuously source for new ways to ensure customers can enjoy local films during the CMCO and with Astro First, it is clear that films released on this platform will still receive positive support.”

She added that Astro Shaw remains open to collaborate and work with local producers who would like to explore Astro First as a platform to showcase their films. All publicity and marketing initiatives will be carried out holistically by Astro Shaw, as has been done for their own films.

In addition to SMR, ‘Manap Karaoke’ continues to be widely watched on the same platform. Customers can also anticipate two more films, ‘Ada Apa Dengan Dosa’ and ‘Town Mall’.

On behalf of production team, Ray Theme Sdn Bhd, Ahmad Fuzi Mansor expressed his gratitude and said, “As the first film produced by Ray Theme Sdn Bhd, I am thankful with the overwhelming support for SMR, from customers on Astro First. While the film was initially scheduled for release in cinemas, we are pleased with the current situation. I would like to thank all artistes, production crew, distributors and the team at Astro who have made this film a phenomenon in this new normal.”

He especially noted his gratitude for customers’ support, as the main reason this film has achieved this success. This success continues to provide them with the motivation to produce more entertaining films.

Syif Malam Raya’ begins when Zaid (Atu) and Hisyam (Sharif) do not get their Raya leave request approved and are assigned to transport a corpse to Ipoh on Aidilfitri night. They also give Mira and Yoh a ride back to their homes, in their hearse. Strange occurrences begin to take place, and chaos ensues when they arrive at a haunted village.

Catch this Raya special film, ‘Syif Malam Raya’ when it debuts directly to your home theatres on Astro First, channel 480, from 21 May 2020. For just RM15, customers can enjoy unlimited viewings over 48 hours (2 days). For more information, visit Astro Shaw’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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