K-Pop Dancer Upset That Malaysians Are Making Fun Of Her Name – Babi Fly

Shame on us.

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K-Pop Dancer Upset That Malaysians Are Making Fun Of Her Name – Babi Fly
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Why la go and kacau her, so kesian.

Many of us know that certain words in our language could be the same in other languages but bear different meanings.
But that doesn’t mean we could use it as a pass to be rude or mean to someone.

Malaysians being rude 

Recently on Instagram, a K-Pop dancer by the name Babi Fly called out Malaysians who made fun of her stage name on her page.
“Malaysians who came here to mock my name have to see this post. Why are you doing this to me?” the dancer, whose real name is So-young, wrote.

“Just because my name is your laughing stock? Are you fun with this? I am not interested in your language. So it doesn't matter what my name means in your language.”

She also added that she previously have never heard of Malaysia before and no longer have interest to know more about it.

The idol, who is part of the K-Pop dance group Fly With Me, has turned off her comments section due to the nasty comments she’s been receiving from ignorant Malaysians.

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As you all know, the word ‘babi’ means pig in Malay and is sometimes deemed as a curse word.
This isn’t the first time Malaysians have become a disgrace by leaving mean comments on Instagram; previously, pop star Dua Lipa was also a victim when she wished her dad “Happy birthday babi”.

Netizens are disappointed 

On Twitter, other Malaysians were clearly disappointed with the mean act of our fellow countrymen.
Please Malaysians; let us not make the same mistake again.

During the pandemic and especially these testing times, it doesn’t hurt to be kind to one another.

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