Malaysian Student Wows Netizens By Nailing Siti Nurhaliza's Songs In Online Challenge

Good job!

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Malaysian Student Wows Netizens By Nailing Siti Nurhaliza's Songs In Online Challenge
Twitter/kesavan_49 & Wikimedia

The boy who wowed the world.

Local songbird Dato' Siti Nurhaliza needs no introduction, but how many of her songs do you guys remember by heart?

For one Malaysian student named Kesavan Vekraman, who is an ardent fan of Siti, the answer is most, if not all.

In fact, the 21-year-old proved his fondness for the singer by taking part in the ‘Finish Dato Siti Nurhaliza’s Song’ online challenge and along the way, wowed netizens with his knowledge of the singer’s songs.

Biggest Siti fan?

Dato Siti must be so proud.
The online challenge requires a participant to sing the incomplete lyrics of the song within nine seconds or so before the lyrics show up on screen.

Despite only being a fan of the 41-year-old singer for just two years, Kesavan nailed every single one of the songs.

“Here I am trying to guess the songs by Datuk Siti Nurhaliza that I have learned in these two years of being her fan. Tokti, I love you,” Kesavan said in the caption of the video he posted on Twitter.

In the video, he expertly sang Siti’s "Percayalah", "Sesuci Lebaran", "Nazam Lebaran", "Kesilapanku Keegonanmu" and "Cindai".

Check out his performance here:
Netizens were quick to shower praises on Kesavan for his ability to complete all the songs presented to him during the challenge:

Became a fan in an instant

According to a report by Mstar, Kesavan first became a fan of Siti Nurhaliza when he heard one of her songs, "Nirmala", being performed by one of his senior in college during a competition.

He loved the song so much, he started binge-listening to the songbird's other songs and soon enough, he became a huge fan. 

He told the Malay portal that his favourite Siti Nurhaliza songs are her classic ones such as "Cindai" and of course, "Nirmala".

From a fan to a mega fan.
Kesavan also revealed that at first, he was nervous to share the clip of him performing her songs on social media (because the internet is a pretty ruthless place, right?) but thankfully, he received nothing but praises for his effort.

Well done, Kesavan! We hope that you get to meet up with your idol and who knows, maybe perform a duet or so?

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