'How Not To Lose Your Job' Recap: Here's What You Missed In This Week's Episode

Catch up before it's too late.

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'How Not To Lose Your Job' Recap: Here's What You Missed In This Week's Episode
The creative minds from Rojak Daily (hey, that's us!), Astro Gempak and Hello! (Astro CH702) have come together to bring you a new web sitcom.

Titled 'How Not To Lose Your Job', the sitcom touches on a topic that a majority of Malaysians are too familiar with these days: struggling to keep their job.

The sitcom follows Miss JJ, an ambitious and hardworking woman who was looking forward to her first day as editor-in-chief at a media company.

However, things take a spin out of control when the boss announces that he's shutting down the company due to bad performance.

That means that Miss JJ and her crew will be out of a job.

Undeterred, Miss JJ must now rally her troop of very unique and definitely very whacky subordinates for their toughest fight yet: keeping their jobs.

Of course, things aren't as simple as it seems when her co-workers are not exactly coorperating with her.

'How Not To Lose Your Job' stars award-winning actress Sangeeta Krishnasamy, Chekem, Taufiq Izmir Tawaff, Dee Al Hadi, Tan Meng Kheng, Sukania Venugopaltan, Charles Roberts and Ellyza Aziz, and is directed by Directors ThinkTank.

If you have yet to get started, worry not; here's a quick recap on what you've missed in the first four episodes:


Miss JJ, an ambitious and strong-willed independent lady boss, prepares to start her first day as an editor-in-chief at a local media company. She announces to her team that there's going to be a company anniversary celebration, and while her team thinks that they'll be getting their bonuses, they weren't prepared for the shock of their lives: they've all been fired - even poor Miss JJ!


Determined to show her boss that he's making a big mistake, Miss JJ vows to make him change his mind. While the team is depressed after finding out that they've just lost their jobs, Miss JJ realised that only one person survived the cut: Amu, the cleaner and tea lady. When Miss JJ was trying to force Amu to reveal the reason she was not fired, she had an 'eureeka' moment on how to save her job, but will it work though?


Thankfully for Miss JJ and team, the Boss has given them the green light to run a gossip portal, but here's the problem: no one in the team knows anything about celebrity gossip. On top of that, they're faced with the toughest task yet: what to name their brand new website! Meanwhile, influencer-wannabe Lola sneaks out of the office to go on a date with a celebrity.

Episode 4

It looks like Bawang Inc. has gotten off to a great start, as the team got their first big exposé. Lola thinks the story will go viral, and the team is poised to have their first big story. However, before they could reap the rewards, they have a small obstacle to overcome first: how to publish the story when there's no internet at the office. Meanwhile, Amu side hustles.

OK, so we hope you guys are all caught up before the new episode premieres next Monday (15 June).

You can catch new episodes of 'How Not To Lose Your Job' every Monday at 9pm on!

It will also be available on and Hello (CH702).

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