Superfood! The Malaysian Laksa Dish Has Made It Into An 'X-Men' Comic

Even superheroes love it.

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Superfood! The Malaysian Laksa Dish Has Made It Into An 'X-Men' Comic

'Guarantee sedap!'

Ask anyone, and nobody would tell you that they hate Malaysian food.

Everybody loves a tummy full of Malaysian food, and that includes the X-Men.

Yep, that's right; the group of superheroes we all grew up loving is a fan of our Malaysian food.

Superheroes love Malaysian food!

Video games website Kakuchopurei recently discovered the laksa making an appearance in one of the 'X-Men' comic book issues.

In Issue #10 of 'New Mutants' by Flaviano and Ed Brisson, Glob, a mutant with transparent skin, was spotted making laksa in his home on the new mutant island Krakoa.

Glob was visited by Russian superheroine Magik while he was collecting eggs from his chicken coop.

When asked about the current whereabouts of the New Mutants, Glob replied while preparing a bowl of yummy laksa: “I was making them laksa for dinner, and now there’s no one here to eat it.”

Even superheroes love our food.
They even prepared the recipe to a vegetarian version of the laksa Glob made:

Malaysian food cameos in other 'X-Men' comics

However, this is not the first time our glorious laksa made the pages of the 'X-Men' comics.

According to Kakuchopurei, iconic baddie Magneto recommended the laksa in Issue #1 of 'Hunt For Wolverine: Mystery In Madripoor'.
In fact, in Issue #4, another popular X-Men, Jubillee, offers the popular tea time kueh, the lepat pisang, to fellow superhero Psylocke.

“It’s called lepat pisang. Palm sugar and banana mush cooked in banana leaf. It’s good,” she said.

Hey, if the X-Men approve of our Malaysian food, it means we are the best in the world, right?

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