This Personality Test Will Help You Find Out Which K-pop Playlist Suits Your Music Taste

From 13 playlists, which one will be your cup of tea?

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This Personality Test Will Help You Find Out Which K-pop Playlist Suits Your Music Taste

Who is your favourite K-Pop artist?

Are you new to K-pop? Or are you just about to start discovering K-pop music thanks to your new found love for K-dramas?
There are plenty of Korean music genres out there from groovy K-R&B hits to K-Rock’s electric vibrations and K-Hip Hop’s spitting rhythm and flow, there’s bound to be something for everyone.
But, if you find yourself lost and unsure on where to start, this personality quiz will help you sort it out!

Revamped playlists 

Spotify recently introduced 13 new and revamped playlists on its K-Pop Hub broadening its current K-Pop offering and catering to the many facets of this exciting genre.
Click here to take the quiz and see which K-pop playlist suits you best.
These are the 13 Korean playlists you can play on Spotify:

1. Cool K:IDs Rock: Discover the latest Korean rock bands shaking up the status quo.
2. TrenChill K-R&B: Previously known as Sexiest K-Grooves, this playlist reflects the latest R&B sound featuring smooth tracks with soulful vocals.
3. K-Hip-Hop +82: From Jay Park to Nafla, this playlist introduces Korea’s many talented rappers, both mainstream and underground.
4. Best of Korean Soundtracks: Relive those favourite Korean drama moments with these classic soundtracks.
5. Korean OST Instrumentals: Stream the best of Korean drama OST instrumentals.
6. KimBops!: From reality shows to newly released tracks, this playlist features Korean tracks trending around the world.
7. Korean Old Vinyls: Kick back with Korean Old Vinyls, a nostalgic playlist that includes classic songs from the ‘70s and ‘80s.
8. K-Pop Ballad Hits: Indulge in mellow and sentimental K-Pop ballads.
9. Tropical K-Pop: Like the summer season in Korea, Tropical K-Pop will have everyone grooving along to the hottest K-Pop dance music.
10. K-Club Party: Party alongside the latest and greatest K-Pop dance hits on K-Club Party playlist.
11. Nolja!: Press play on these familiar 2010s K-Pop jams.
12. Girl Krush: From Red Velvet to BLACKPINK to ITZY, this playlist features everyone’s favourite “girl crush”.
13. Satang Mix: All the sugary-sweet tracks from K-Pop’s favourite ladies.

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