Chris Hemsworth Is Reportedly Not Happy He's Being Replaced As Thor

We know what happens when he's angry.

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Chris Hemsworth Is Reportedly Not Happy He's Being Replaced As Thor

Thor no happy!

Not only did 'Avengers: Endgame' mark the end of the whole Avengers saga, it also marked the end of the contracts for several of its biggest stars, namely Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr.

One original Avenger who doesn't mind continue being the face of his own franchise is Chris Hemsworth, who plays the mighty Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But a recent revelation has reportedly made him really unhappy, and we know what happens when Thor is not happy:

You guys better watch out.

Still wants to play Thor

Early this year, news broke that Natalie Portman, who plays Jane Foster and Thor's love interest in the previous 'Thor' movies, will be taking up the mantle as the new Thor:

That piece of news got mixed reactions from fans of the franchise, and one man who reportedly did not like the idea at all is none other than Hemsworth.

Entertainment portal We Got This Covered reported that the 36-year-old actor isn't particularly happy about being forced out of the spotlight - in his own franchise, nonetheless - in 'Thor: Love And Thunder'.

Hemsworth reportedly admitted that the first two 'Thor' movies "weren't up to scratch", and the third movie, 'Thor: Ragnarok', reinvented the character and Thor is now at his most popular.

Everybody loves the new Thor, right?
The website reported that Hemsworth felt that the new Thor (maybe Thicc Thor also?) has barely scratched the surface, and he's reportedly "pretty disappointed" that he's being forced into the background of his own movie franchise.

At the moment, it is kind of confirmed that Thor will be 'Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3', but it's highly unlikely they will make him the star of the movie.

Also, we have no idea if Portman will indeed be the new Thor for the long run, but we are pretty sure fans of Hemsworth wouldn't let Marvel sideline their biggest star like that. 

It's like his own movie, but also not.
Hemsworth is not the first MCU star to voice their displeasure about being forced out of the spotlight though, as Chadwick Boseman (who plays newcomer Avenger Black Panther in the 'Infinity Saga') is also reportedly unhappy about Marvel's future plans to make Shuri the next Black Panther.

What do you guys think? Do you want to see Hemsworth return as Thor, or do you think Marvel should press the reset button?

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