Sorry Disney Fans, ‘Mulan’ Has Been Postponed Once Again Due To COVID-19

Joke’s on us.

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Sorry Disney Fans, ‘Mulan’ Has Been Postponed Once Again Due To COVID-19

Dishonour! Dishonour on COVID-19!

July marks the month Malaysian movie buffs can finally enjoy what they’ve been missing for months – going to the cinemas.
And among the movies slated for theatrical release that were postponed due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic is Disney’s highly-anticipated ‘Mulan’.
However, it seems that fans will have to wait a little longer (again) as the studio has decided to postpone ‘Mulan’ once again.

Delayed for the third time

According to Variety, the film has been delayed for the third time and will now premiere on 21 August instead of July.
The waiting game continues...
“While the pandemic has changed our release plans for ‘Mulan’ and we will continue to be flexible as conditions require, it has not changed our belief in the power of this film and its message of hope and perseverance,” said Disney’s co-chairman and chief creative officer Alan Horn and co-chairman Alan Bergman.
News of the postponement comes after the delay of Christoper Nolan’s ‘Tenet’, which was also set to premeiere in July too.
‘Tenet’ has now been rescheduled to 12 August.
She's one badass warrior.
So Disney fans, it seems that from March, we’ll now have to wait until August for 'Mulan'. That is if they don’t decide to delay it for the fourth time.
Let’s help put an end to the pandemic by wearing masks, practicing social distancing, maintaining good hygiene, and try to avoid going out especially if you’re vulnerable or unwell.
Soon, we’ll be able to enjoy watching films we love without any delays.

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