Two Malaysians Named 'Gamechangers' By The Boh Cameronian Arts Awards


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Two Malaysians Named 'Gamechangers' By The Boh Cameronian Arts Awards
There are just so many talented Malaysians around.

Thankfully, there are also so many awards around to shine the spotlight on these talented Malaysians.

True gamechanging Malaysians

Two talented Malaysians have been given the title 'Gamechangers' by the Boh Cameronian Arts Awards, Malay Mail reported.

The two Malaysians are Hollywood-based scriptwriter Adele Lim and Penang musician Paul Augustin.

The Gamechangers award is given to individuals in the performing arts sector who have taken their craft and talents beyond borders, and you bet that both Lim and Augustin have left their mark on the world stage.

Lim is a much sought after scriptwriter.
Lim, born and raised in Petaling Jaya but moved abroad when she was 19, is arguably one of the most sought-after scriptwriters at the moment, having co-written the massively popular 'Crazy Rich Asians' movie.

She's reportedly working on the screenplay for the upcoming Disney animated feature film 'Raya And The Last Dragon'.

She even produced several popular primetime television shows such as ‘One Tree Hill’, ‘Lethal Weapon’ and ‘Private Practice’ back in the day.

How's that for a resume?

Augustin and his book.
Augustin, meanwhile, has a pretty stacked resume too.

A full-time musician who co-founded the Penang Island Jazz Festival in 2004 and served as the Penang Musical Heritage Project’s co-principal researcher and co-curator, Augustin also co-published the book ‘Just For The Love of It: Penang’s Popular Music 1930s - 1960s' in 2015.

On top of that, Augustin, who has had more than three decades experience as a performer, also co-created the Penang House of Music together with James Lochhead.

We can safely say that Augustin is one of true OGs when it comes to music in the small island up north.

Rewarding the best local talents.
In case you're wondering, other Malaysian artistes who have been named Gamechangers' include Miri-born singer Zee Avi, dance icon Aida Redza, musician Raz Azraai and famed music composer Rendra Zawawi.

Since 2002, the Boh Cameronian Arts Awards has dedicated itself to celebrate outstanding performances in dance, music, theatre and musical theatre performed in the previous year, as well as to recognise the contribution of artists in various areas of the performing arts.

You can catch the awards ceremony via Facebook Live on Thursday, 2 July at 8.30pm.

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