Latest In 2020 Plot Twists: Rapper Kanye West Confirms He'll Be Running For US President

Or is he?

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Latest In 2020 Plot Twists: Rapper Kanye West Confirms He'll Be Running For US President

Kanye West for US president?

As if 2020 couldn't get any more bizarre, a piece news broke over the weekend that, honestly, would probably not affect us Malaysians that much.

But the sheer unbelievability of it is still pretty bizarre.

Meet President Ye

Grammy-Award winning rapper Kanye West announced on Saturday (4 July) that he will be running for the United States presidency.

The 43-year-old tweeted a statement that pretty much broke the internet:
   Soon after, the budding fashion designer, famous for his Yeezy line with sports brand adidas, got his first high-profile supporter: Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk.
Becoming President of the United States has been a goal of West for a pretty long time, it seems.

The first time he announced this was at the 2015 MTV Music Award, where he said he will contest in 2020. 

However, shortly after that, he tweeted '2024' (just that), which many believed was an indication that he was postponing his plans.

Considering that he hadn't gone through any of the processes necessary to contest in the elections, it was quite likely to have been true. 
This is the guy who supported current US president Donald Trump (until the recent #BlackLivesMatter movement took over) and is known to say things that does not make sense like "slavery was a choice". 
Are we glad we're not Americans at this point? (although we can't say the political climate in Malaysia is any better) 

When things go downhill, we can always rely on the internet to put things into perspective. Here's what some people on Twitter had to say on the topic.

Guess not many people are excited about the prospect of having the rapper as their president.

Lucky for them, it may not even possible for him to run for president. At least not this year. 

According to Guardian, it will be almost impossible for him to become a serious candidate, as he needs to pull together a team and resources to campaign within that short time. 

No matter what happens, it'll be interesting for us to watch the world burn from the sidelines. 

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