Under The Stars: Malaysia's First Ever Drive-In Cinema Will Be Opening In KL On 15 July

Yay to outdoor movies!

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Under The Stars: Malaysia's First Ever Drive-In Cinema Will Be Opening In KL On 15 July

This could be a new thing.

We are pretty sure movie buffs are currently in a funk, due to the closure of the cinemas and movies being postponed.

Now that we're in the recovery phase, local cinemas have been allowed to reopen, but with the mandated standard operating procedures, it's going to take time for movie goers to get accustomed to watching movies in the cinemas.

Fret not; a local company has thought of all that, and they will be providing a pretty cool solution to all our social distancing needs.

Movies under the stars

A new way to watch movies.
The company, M-Junction, will be setting up Malaysia's first ever ever drive-in cinema.

If you don't know what a drive-in cinema is, it's basically like a McDonald's drive-through service, but instead of ordering food, you watch an entire movie in the comfort of your own car.

The details of the drive-in cinema are pretty scarce at the moment, but M-Junction has teased its impending arrival on their Instagram page:

The M-Junction drive-in cinema will be organised by TwoSpicy Entertainment Live, the same people who brought in some of the most unique dining experiences such as Dinner In The Sky and Plane In The City.

A representative from TwoSpicy Entertainment told Rojak Daily that they are still in the midst of finalising the details of the drive-in cinema, therefore they can't offer much information for now.

"However, we are tentatively looking at 15 July for the launch, and the drive-in cinema will be located in the city center," the rep told us.

The rep also revealed that M-Junction will be playing a mixture of both new upcoming movies, as well as older flicks, featuring local and international movies.

He also confirmed that a second drive-in cinema is in the pipeline, but offered no further details.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see for now.

In the meantime, you can take part in this contest organised by M-Junction to win passes to check out the drive-in cinema for free:

Now that we're into drive-in cinemas, maybe someone should bring in this drive-in haunted house as well:


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