Bella Hadid Upset After Instagram Removed Her Post - "I Am Proud To Be Palestinian"

But why, Instagram?

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Bella Hadid Upset After Instagram Removed Her Post -
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Weird justification, Instagram.

In case you didn’t know, the famous Hadid sisters – Bella and Gigi – are actually of Palestinian descendants.
Bella has been very vocal about her roots in the past and is very proud of her Palestinian heritage.
That is probably the reason why she was very upset recently when Instagram decided to remove her post which she mentions Palestine.

Being bullied 

The 23-year-old model uploaded a photo of her father’s passport on her Instagram story with the caption: “My baba and his birthplace of Palestine.”
Bella is definitely unhappy.
Not too long after that, the social media platform removed the post as it has breached their guidelines as the photo apparently included “graphic violence, hate speech, harassment, bullying, and nudity and sexual activity”.
The senseless removal prompted a backlash from the model as she felt like she was the one who was being bullied.
She then asked Instagram if no one is allowed to be Palestinian on the platform and if her dad should change his birthplace.
“You can’t erase history by silencing people. It doesn’t work like that,” Bella added.

Their father, Mohamed Hadid, was born and raised in Palestine before fleeing the country due to the Palestinian exodus in 1948.
She ended the rant by encouraging everyone to post where their parents originated from and how proud they should be of their roots.
On Twitter, her posts have gone viral with many applauding the Dior ambassador for speaking out and being proud of her roots.
You go, Bella! Let this be a reminder that Palestine is indeed a country that still exist to this day.

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