Dato Seri Vida Will Buy Her Daughter A Car If She Manages To Lose Weight And Have Fairer Skin

Challenge accepted?

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Dato Seri Vida Will Buy Her Daughter A Car If She Manages To Lose Weight And Have Fairer Skin
Mercedes/@cikb_havoc66 Instagram

Will she do it?

We all know Dato Seri Vida for her extravagant antics, so whatever she does or says should no longer surprise you.
But recently, she issued a challenge to her daughter, Edlynn Zamilleen Muhammad Amin, or famously known as Cik B, in order to help materialise her wish of getting her dream car.

Lose weight, get a car

Cik B shared a screenshot of a conversation between her and her mother, who challenged her to lose weight and obtain fairer skin if she wants to get the Mercedes Brabus G79 6X6.
“How to lose weight?,” Cik B asked netizens in a tweet:
Her tweet has garnered 25,000 retweets and 38,000 likes to date, with many netizens suggesting her all sorts of diets or methods to help her lose weight.
In an interview with mStar, the Qu Puteh founder says that she was serious about it and gave her daughter five months to shed those extra pounds.
“I enjoy watching her driving big cars. Initially she liked the Hummer but the car was shaky.”
“So I think cars like the Jeep and Brabus suits her best,” Vida said.
Cik B also owns a few businesses just like her
The Mercedes-Brabus has the price tag of a whopping RM3.2 million, but it’s something that Vida’s willing to pay as long as her daughter can fulfill her request.
“The price is quite hefty but as long as Cik B slims down and gets fairer, it’s fine. I want her to lose weight in a healthy manner.”
The Kelantanese entrepreneur added that she would be hiring a personal trainer for her daughter soon.

So, what do you think? Is Cik B the luckiest girl on the planet or should she be able to get her dream car no matter how she looks like?

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