Dreams: The Asian Interpretation

Mum had the answers for everything.. even the meaning behind your dreams.

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Dreams: The Asian Interpretation

First of all, do you have a dream catcher hanging in your room? We know you do...Or at the very least thought about getting one. But what’s the point of having a tool that could catch your dream if you couldn’t even decipher the meaning of the events that happened in slumberland?

No frets, you don’t need to go through pages of Sigmund Freud’s books on dreaming to get to the bottom of it. The divine oracle is in the vicinity of your house.
Her walk is a familiar strut, rushed. Her voice is a familiar sound, pitchy and loud. Yes, we’re talking about mothers.
Who are we kidding, the first person we would seek answers for a weird dream (or anything to be frank) is of course our mothers. And she will interpret attentively with passed down knowledge, one that is known from one mother to a daughter, generations to generations.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at a list of what you usually encounter in your dream, and what it might mean.

1. Snakes

While going head to head with a snake seems like a horrifying thing to be experiencing; encountering one in your dream is said to mean that you are well on your way to meet the love of your life. In Indian culture, it is said that snakes portray sexual energy especially if you see it sliding into your bed. It gets funnier because know as Nicki Minaj sang it,

“My Anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun”.


That line itself speaks of the sexual symbolisation that snakes embody. Oh wait! When Taylor Swift was called a snake on social media after the whole Kanye and Kim Kardashian fiasco, she was then led to meeting her current boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. Coincidence? We think not. LOL. So, to all you single people, stay on the lookout for some snake action in your dreams tonight.

2. Water

Ever dreamt of swimming in the sea? Walking in a heavy downpour? Or being washed away by a flood? These two scenarios have one thing in common, both of them play out in water. Being in a pool of water does make your hair stand on its end for most people. But do welcome it if it’s rolling out in your dream because *drum rolls* it symbolises wealth!
Through a psychological perspective, water is usually described as a symbol of purity and it can remove the inner and external contamination of your daily lives. So, it’s no wonder that in Chinese culture, dreaming of water indicates happiness and good luck in your life. So, the next time you are awake from a “nightmare” of being submerged in water or anything related to water per say, look forward to good fortune coming your way.

3. Tooth

Waking from a dream of your tooth or teeth being loose or falling out completely can be quite an uncomfortable experience but you would be thrown completely out of your element once you find out that losing your teeth is an indicator of a future death of family member *GASPS* It’s common in many cultures including Malay. The message is synonymous, death awaits but the tooth determines which family member will leave.
But... it’s not all true. *nervous laughing*

A member of our team can vouch for this, she had a dream about her tooth getting loose a couple of years back but hey everyone is in the pink of health…. so… myth...busted?? Fingers crossed!

4. Falling

Dreams about falling from a height are very common. But funny enough the dream never lasts up until you drop dead at the bottom. Some said that if you do witness yourself hitting the ground you actually have died in reality.
*Gulps* That went dark real fast...


Anyways the deal with falling in your dream is an indication that something in your life isn’t going too well. So, you are plagued with anxiety and fear of the future. This is a sign that you need to steer yourself to a new direction and rethink choices in some areas of your life.


Also, if you find yourself feeling like you’re falling as you’re about to sleep, you are experiencing hypnic jerks, an involuntary twitch of muscles and it’s perfectly normal too. So yeah, it’s not a glitch in the dimensions.

5. Flying

Dreams of flying can be quite a thrilling adventure to some but terrifying to others who are afraid of heights so the meaning behind this dream can be interpreted in two ways. The next time you have a dream of soaring through the air, it could mean that you are currently feeling free and independent or you have a desire of escaping the shackles of life and whatever it is that is holding you down.


More often than not, when you dream of flying, it is usually a view of you alone with no company. Therefore, it does reflect that feeling of wanting to get away from places or people that weighs you down.


Dreams are truly something personal for some and you’re not likely to find any information more than a simple entertainment through generalized interpretations passed down from generations.
Instead, look at your dreams, a reflection of your reality, mirroring your fears, anxieties, desires, hopes, and aspirations for the future. It is highly likely that things that occur in your dreams are probably a reflection of the concerns you face in your daily life.
Perhaps something is bothering you at work or in your study?
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