How Bad Of A Fussy Dater Are You?

When life is full of choices especially in the dating world.

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How Bad Of A Fussy Dater Are You?

Are you determined to find someone that will check all the boxes on your list?
So there has always been a negative connotation around people who really filters through potential life partners down to the very last detail. Especially amongst women. So much so, society has developed a name for them- Old spinster.
Funny enough men have their own phrase that works in favor of them “Aging like fine wine”.
We smell misogyny!
TBH there’s truly nothing wrong with being choosy?? Or being a little tolerant too?? We’re talking about the person you’re going to spend an eternity with so it’s really up to you and nobody else how you want to approach the dating scene.
So, rejoice if you’re picky or not! Curious which end of the spectrum you sit on? This quiz got you covered.

If you find yourself being labeled as picky by busy body aunties and uncles, then remember that marriage isn’t a walk in the park. It takes a lot of work and understanding. By simply screening out those that you know will potentially cause you a lot of arguments and bickering, is just you are saving yourself from BIGGER disappointments. Like- DIVORCE.


And you know how nasty divorce could be like especially if there are kids involved. So, what you are doing right now, what people might see as being picky, is just you are setting a standard for a happy and healthy relationship.
But once you’ve weed out the big red flags and go on to filtering out the much more minor differences, it’s best that you try to see it this way. Nobody is perfect, so it’s really a question of a little give and take. You need to meet them halfway and find that happy place at the centre.


Being too lenient will get you in dangerous waters too! If that person is verbally abusive, or worst, physically abusive, no amount of gifts, apologies or matching chemistry should qualify that person as a soul mate. Please take note guys and girls! It will only be a downhill road that involves emotional tortures and confusion if you choose to take that path.
The biggest take away from this should be that you know yourself better than anyone else. Don’t let anyone tell you that you have failed at life just because you haven’t gotten hitched. LMAO getting married is not a competition.


Don’t let people pressure you into making choices that you don’t want and getting you into relationships with people that you are not okay with because at the end of the day if things go south YOU would be picking up the pieces, not THEM okay!
This concept should be put to use with every other decision too. Including friendships!
 Whether it’s online friends or real-life friends?? LOL. Should there really be a difference to it? Join Mix FM DJ Prem and hosts, Harvinth and Juanita as they share their thoughts on relationships.

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