Patriotic Malaysians In The Midst Of A Pandemic

If you think COVID-19 would stop Malaysia’s national celebration, think again.

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Patriotic Malaysians In The Midst Of A Pandemic

Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!
Whoaaaaa…guys, we have just marked our 63rd year of independence. Malaysians get all excited and pumped up during the month of August as it is the time we reflect and remember the sacrifices made by our ancestors for the freedom of this nation. Aside from that, we Malaysians surely love the good midnight countdowns, fireworks, parades, patriotic songs and the waving of the Jalur Gemilang flags.



Unfortunately, some of the traditions had to be put on hold this year due to the global pandemic. It has truly caused a major adjustment to our country’s mode of celebration and the people’s wellbeing. Anyway…despite all that, our fellow Malaysians surely know how to unite at heart and elevate each other’s patriotic spirits and get ready cause it’ll be raining with a bunch!




1. Can’t get enough of Jalur Gemilang.

Source: MalayMail

I think it’s pretty clear that this man adores the Malaysian national flag!
The Perakian nasi lemak seller has never been more serious about being patriotic and went the extra mile by buying a second-hand Proton Iswara Aeroback 10 years ago! The 60-year-old wore a Jalur Gemilang outfit and decorated the car with the Malaysian flag of various sizes indicating his way of showing patriotism for the country.




2. Delectable made with love.

Source: Free Malaysia Today

Malaysians surely are getting creative in celebrating national day this year!

Jessica Winston Jap, baker from Jakarta, who resides in Malaysia shows her love by using her baking skills to create a phenomenal national day-themed cake. She made a hibiscus-inspired cake to commemorate Malaysia’s 63rd Merdeka Day.

Meanwhile Raigndough Desserts showed their love towards the country by coming up with a two-tier cake. The cake was made with lots of love for the Jozan Live Merdeka edition show and it turns out in-cake-dible!



A post shared by S W E E T S T U F F! 🌈 (@raindough.desserts) on


3. Inspired by Unity.

The wearing of cultural outfits during seasonal festivals are a Malaysian tradition. So, why not have one for Merdeka Day?



A post shared by Z O B H A (@kancheevaram_weaves_by_zobha) on

Pavithra Varathan, a local fashion designer, decided to add a merdeka-spin design inspired by the unity shown by fellow Malaysians amidst the global pandemic. According to Pavithra, her inspiration was weaved in the saree to remind our nation about the significance of Merdeka, where unity and strength live within us as Malaysians.
Even other local brands are releasing special collections that will allow everyone to show their patriotic spirit.



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4. A symbolic imprint for Hari Kebangsaan.

Dedication and hard work truly reveal a person’s depth of care. A local calligraphy artist created a mural of our country’s Yang di-Pertuan Agong Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah on the wall of his house!

Ohh, here’s an interesting fact about that masterpiece; the mural is entirely crafted by the calligraphy of Agong's name. Curious how it’s done aren’t you? Watch the video below.



5. Sharing your Malaysian gratitude.


A sincere testimony can fill millions of hearts with gratitude. Here’s a simple question for you to ponder this Hari Kebangsaan. “What are the things you’re grateful for being a Malaysian or living in Malaysia in this season?” These COVID-19 survivors have turned this Merdeka film viral, being filled with gratitude towards the frontliners, they bravely share their terrifying experiences battling the deadly virus. This collection of testimonies has been a great inspiration and surely brought hope to all of us in Malaysia at this dark time.




6. Flip your online ‘merdeka mode’ switch.

Ahhh yes…isn’t this the generation that grew up on social media? Nowadays, life has been made easy and convenient for people to create and share their own creative content revealing their love for Malaysia.
Our fellow millennials and young children lit up the virtual room by sharing these fun ‘Hari Kebangsaan’ videos. Don’t just stare, take a look! FYI, there’s more where that came from.




A post shared by MSU | Management & Science Uni (@msumalaysia) on


7. A friendly merdeka colouring competition.

Hey millennials, don’t you remember the times when we have ‘Bulan Patriotisme’ in school and one of the patriotic activities is to design a creative Independence Day poster or finish the colouring worksheet handed out by our teachers in class? Sigh…good times, wasn’t it?

Source: The Star

The Star recreated that opportunity for little kids aged 12 and below to draw, colour and express their thoughts on the things they love about Malaysia.



Guys, if you’re not motivated after reading all these great acts of patriotism, something is wrong with y’all. (Not literally but worth considering). As we walk into a new season of independence, let’s not forget all the blood, sweat and tears that got us to where we are today.

In the wise words of the man who declared the 7-times shout of merdeka, Tunku Abdul Rahman…

As one nation, let’s continue to stay united especially during these tough times and refrain from anything that tries to break the bond of what makes us true Malaysians.
While we are staying safe and stirring the patriotic spirits from our homes, stay entertained with this hilarious episode of how Malaysians celebrate public holidays.


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