Get To Know Your Love Language

Are your partner as fluent as you think they are with your love language?

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Get To Know Your Love Language

Do you guys know of this other language that you and you partner share very intimately?
To quote miss Taylor Swift in her eighth visionary album,

”You taught me a secret language that I can’t speak with anyone else” - Illicit Affairs
Before you read the breakdown of the 5 cardinal love language, explore this quiz below, to discover your preference in how you want your partner to show their affection to you.


#1 Words of Affirmation

If your love language is words of affirmation, you love to be showered with long as heck texts about how much they love you and you crave assurance of how they will choose you every day over anyone. You love random phone calls from your partner asking how you are and more so; you are the type to end every phone call with ‘I love you’ and if your partner forgot to do so, you would think that they might be a little upset with you or something is wrong. You basically live for ‘Please and thank yous’ and all the little things words and phrases that validates your mutual love and care for each other.

#2 Acts of Service

This love language expresses itself by witnessing their partner walk the talk. They don’t want you to text and say ‘All the best for your test tomorrow love!’ but rather come over and go through your notes with you . They are the type that feel an immense feel of appreciation when their partner physically assist them in any way that they can.

#3 Receiving Gifts

While this could easily be translated to as being materialistic, it actually isn’t. It is more of a way to say that ‘I tapao-ed your fav macha tea bae’. Your partner doesn’t necessarily need to give you lavish gifts, you’re just the type that feel appreciated when they shower you with thoughtful gifts. This shows that they listen to the minor details in your conversation like ‘I ran out of tissues at home”.

#4 Quality Time

If this is your love language then you could more or less be interpreted as being a little clingy. You love it when your partner shows up to pick you up after work and get dinner together and even more so, when they make it a habit to see you every few days in a week or 7 days a week if they can just to show that they really find comfort in spending time with you. It is their way of telling you that they feel safe and they find solace every moment with you.

#5 Physical Touch

We’re gonna stop you right there! Nope. It’s not simply “bed activities”, it just means that you feel more connected with your partner when touching is involved in the relationship and this could mean that you want them to hold your hand every time you walk together and always want to snuggle up close to them when you are watching a movie regardless of how hot Malaysia’s weather could get. If this is something that is relatable to you then this love language plays a vital role in making you feel loved.
It is quite impossible for your relationship to be steered with only one love language. Most of the time, it is a combination of two or three with one standing out the most and above anything else you would know your relationship better than anyone.

But there’s really no harm in getting tips, right? Because Zher, Keanu and special guest Violet Lim from Lunch Actually have a lot to share about their take on the modern dating scene in this episode of Hello I Have Issues: Modern Dating!

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