Sometimes Even Your Logo Can Make Or Break Your Brand

Do not forgo the logo.

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Sometimes Even Your Logo Can Make Or Break Your Brand

The pandemic has certainly altered so many aspects of our lives. From the way that we socialise, study, and to how we work. Unfortunately, some of us had it worse than others; with companies rolling out retrenchments left and right.
But with the help of social media, people bounced back from the unfortunate turn of events and kick-started their own online business.
As with any business, building an identity for your brand is very important. And logo is the face of your brand and is the first thing that potential business partners or customers will see. So, it is crucial to develop a design that fully captures the branding of your product or service.
So, with the news of the movement controlled order extending and thus giving us a reason to develop a side hustle, let’s take a look at some important factors that need to be looked into before coming out with a logo.


When designing a logo, consider the number of ways you want it to be used. A logo that is designed to be printed on coffee mugs or t-shirts will be designed a lot differently than those that are going on a website in full colour. If your logo might be used in other applications, consider how it will look in black and white and on various materials.


Always make sure when you’re developing a logo, you are taking into account how the imagery used is in line with what your identity as a brand is. For example, the likes of light, pastel whimsical style often used for bakeries can’t be used if you’re from a phone and laptop fixing business. It will take away that sense of credibility and knowledge almost immediately.


Originality in this day and age is almost quite impossible. In a world so connected, there are bound to be some sort of muses and inspirations everywhere and it is fine so long as you give your own spin to it. Remember, with the market being so saturated we all need to be extra creative with how we want to stand out from the rest.


The appeal that your logo embodies must be able to last the test of time. So be sure to be completely satisfied with your choice. While updating logos like how Google did it over the years is normal, the logo still has the same fundamental elements to it. So be sure to choose colours and shapes that you believe would jive with your brand’s identity for years to come.


According to a study by The Logo Company the colour Red is considered exciting, bold and youthful. Orange is friendly, cheerful and confident. Yellow highlights optimism, clarity and warmth. Green represents peace, health and growth. Blue inspires trust, dependability and strength. Purple embodies creativity, imagination and wisdom. And black and white is balanced, neutral and calm.
Now that you kind of have a rough idea of how to develop your own logo, we wish you all the best in your business and to remember; if you want to see a rainbow, you first need to go through a little rain. Don’t get demotivated if products aren’t flying off your shelves in the beginning. Patience is key!
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