Easy Ways To Get More Nutrients Out Of Your Food

“Good nutrition will prevent 95% of all diseases.” - Dr. Linus Pauling

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Easy Ways To Get More Nutrients Out Of Your Food

We are blessed to be living in the LAND OF FOOOOODDD!!!


Food is one thing that’s just irresistible to anyone here in Malaysia. We have a ton of variety to choose from anywhere we go. Food is the central mediator that bonds people together. 


James Beard, a well-known American chef once said, 


"Food is our common ground, a universal experience. "


News flash.


According to the World Population Review 2019, Malaysia has the highest prevalence of obesity in South-East Asia. Statistics from the National Health and Morbidity Survey 2019 informs us that more than 50% of the adults in Malaysia are either overweight or obese. 


Could it be that we took our love for food a tiny bit too far? 


Worry not! There are several easy practices to maintain a healthy diet, give all the nutrients you need and still make your food enjoyable. 


Let’s try out these scrumptious, healthy nutrition hacks together.


Take A Break From Caffeine Once A While 



We all know the importance of tea and coffee to us, Malaysians but some of us are just drinking too much of it! How do you tell? Try asking yourself this question, “How much caffeine I’ve had today?” 


Studies have shown that many people developed a tolerance for caffeine. Hmm…testify! We’ve got our morning ‘teh tarik’ or coffee as part of our daily routine so much so that going a day without them is strange.


According to Cleveland Clinic, when you decrease your caffeine intake you are likely to have more nutrition in your body. So, my caffeine lovers, pick the decaf option once a while and make room for more nutrition in your body.


Make A Healthy Food Swap



In Malaysia, many of us have the idea that “eating healthy means eating expensive”. Though it may be true at some point, there are still other ways of eating healthy without having to fork out much money especially if you’re frequently having a takeout meal. One of those methods is to make a healthy food swap. Don’t believe it? Watch this video below :


Let’s stop this OBESITY epidemic worldwide and look at how we can make healthier food choices and still enjoy our local dishes when eating out. 


Don’t Have To Be Vegetarian, Just Eat Veggies!



"Eat your veggies!".


Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Young kids are always encouraged to consume their vegetables no matter how gross it may look or taste. Does it mean that we should let this matter slide when it involves us, the adults? NO!


Some of us would have grown up with a very picky taste bud and most of the time vegetables are the ones that are being pushed aside. Hey, we are not here to pass on judgements. As adults, we should lead by example to the young ones. 


Get Your Facts Right About Balanced Meals



Even if we forget the pyramids in Egypt, the food pyramid is no stranger to us.


This colourful chart of food was always an informative guideline to a balanced diet, but very few people submit to its rules. Here’s a fun fact. We build our own food pyramids according to our comfortable food preferences! Oops, didn’t mean to catch you red-handed. 


According to Safe Food, “You don’t have to get the right balance at every meal.” However, it’s important that we balance it throughout the whole day so that our bodies receive sufficient nutrients that keeps us healthy and strong. 


Make Your Nutritious Meal Look Delicious! 



Hey, you don’t have to be a masterchef to nail the food presentation! Remember, the goal is to make it look appealing to you first.


When your food looks good to eat, you would naturally want to eat it. There are soooooo many ingredients to choose from - different colours, shapes, sizes, and flavours! This is the part where you get to experiment on a little ‘mix and match’, pairing your favourite snack with something nutritious.


Lastly, feel proud of your attempts and share a social media - worthy photo of your delicious meal! heard us.


 "Good nutrition creates health in all areas of our existence. All parts are interconnected." - T. Collin Campbell


So, it all comes down to this simple philosophy. If you want to live to eat, eat right to live. It’s never too late to make little changes to our Malaysian daily meals for a more nutrition-filled lifestyle. Speaking of food, catch this interesting conversation about Malaysia’s national hobby…EATING!  



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