Unhappy Smokers Form A Group To Sue Ministry Of Health Over Smoking Ban At Eateries

Looks like they’re huffing and puffing in anger too.

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Unhappy Smokers Form A Group To Sue Ministry Of Health Over Smoking Ban At Eateries
As of 1 January 2019, the government has introduced a new policy which did not sit well for some – the ban of smoking at public eateries.

The new rule would mean that smokers could no longer light up their cigarettes inside or outside the premise, unless they are standing at least three meters away from it.

Most Malaysians are pleased with the new rule but a small group seemed perturbed to the extent that they’ve decided to file a lawsuit against the government.

Since they couldn’t smoke while having a meal at restaurants, we guess they’re now huffing and puffing in anger.

Time to put out your cigarettes, guys.
According to The Malay Mail, “a protem committee of a group for smokers’ rights filed an application for a judicial review to challenge the ban, naming the Health Ministry of Malaysia as the sole respondent.”

Well, the Health Minister Datuk Seri Dzulkefly Ahmad has responded to the lawsuit and is confident that the courts will be in favour of the ministry and the new ruling.

“This is a democratic country and they have the channel and the right to express their dissent with us,” Dzulkefly told the English daily.

“Having gone through the judicial review, we're ready to face tackle this issue legally. Let's see who is going to ensure the cleanliness of our air space and look after the elderly who can't defend themselves when in public places.”

We're waiting for a better comeback, dear smokers...
Ooh, burn! We can’t wait to see the outcome of this case. May the results be in favour of cleaner air at eateries.

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