Astro’s ‘Raya Kuasa 7’ Ad Resonates to All

Do you find these personalities in your family?

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Astro’s ‘Raya Kuasa 7’ Ad Resonates to All

Astro has done it again this year with their ‘Raya Kuasa 7’ ad!

Funny, relatable and meaningful, the ‘Raya Kuasa 7’ tells us that we have all kinds of personalities in our family whether it is big or small.

Tok Man (Traditionalist)

Tok Man is the veteran of the family. Also known as the ‘Ketua Kampung’, he is well-respected not only at home but for the whole ‘kampung’ community. He emphasises on the importance of upholding tradition which is why every aidilfitri, his songkok gets higher and higher according to the old saying that ‘songkok’ is customary in Islamic culture. We are pretty sure there is a Tok Man in all our families who keeps the tradition alive!

Kak Ling (Fashionista)

Kak Ling is the ‘brightest’ in the family and pink is her favourite colour! She even owns her own clothing line! Sundays are known as shopping day for Kak Ling as she scours the malls for the latest styles and accessories. Every year, she dresses to impress with bling blings from head to toe and you can’t help but admire her confidence to shine bright like a diamond.  Not gonna lie, there is at least one fashionista in every fambam!  

Kak Mek (Gyver)

Kak Mek is the handywoman in the family who brightens up the home with her innovative ideas. She has turned bookshelves into tables, customise cupboards to be more functional and is the go-to person when something needs fixing. She finds all sorts of creative ways to make Aidilfitri celebration extra special just like her invention of the musical raya packet this year! Got to love her experimentive nature. Who would be the Kak Mek in your family? ;)

Bang Chik (Trendsetter)

If Kak Ling is the fashionista, Bang Chik is the trendsetter. One of his quirks is that he needs all his outfits looking crisp and proper that he even irons his t-shirts and shorts! He’s got all the young boys in the family looking up to him for his fashion sense and it’s equally as outrageous but definitely as trendy as Kak Ling. This Raya, he goes the extra mile to make his ‘sampin’ style lit. Literally!

Anis (Entrepreneur)

Anis is known to be the ‘entrepreneur’ of the family. She runs a few successful online businesses and is always searching for new ventures to explore. She is sassy, confident and stylish! While the rest of the family are usually trying to outshine each other’s Raya outfit, she takes it up the notch by accessorising with the latest vehicle. This year, she’s going old skool with her ‘Lembughini! She’s the cool aunty everyone wants to be. ;)  

Apai (Laidback)

We’re pretty sure in every family, there’s an Apai. A person who is laid-back and who loves cooking for the whole family, but of course under the strict guidance of Tok Wan, the Masterchef of the family. He loves experimenting with food and is always creating a new dish for the family to try while still maintaining the traditional recipes Tok Wan taught him. It’s not Raya without the array of delicious Raya dishes laid out on the table. We’re pretty sure everyone is looking forward to this when they ‘balik kampung’.  

Tok Wan (The Rock)

Now, here’s Tok Wan, the strictest yet most loving person on earth, basically just like every grandparent is right? She’s the rock of the family and ensures that no matter what, families should stick together. She gives the best advice and the biggest hugs to her grandchildren. Her specialty dish that everyone looks forward to is her ‘Rendang’ which she has passed on to Apai. And her number 1 rule: no one is allowed to eat until everyone is seated at the table. Her lovable character makes her the centre of all our families.


Kak Su (Food Lover)

Kak Su is the foodie of the family. Shy and reserved but when it comes to food, there’s no stopping her. Her instagram feed is filled with nothing but photos of food. As food is the main celebration for every occasion, we all know who this is in our families. She represents everyone during Raya!

We can all relate to the personalities above as there is definitely someone from our family that comes to mind. The differences in personalities is what makes aidilfitri celebration colourful and unique every year, doesn’t it? Wishing all a wonderful festive holiday with these crazy yet lovable personalities in our families! <3

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