Top 10 Youtubers

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Top 10 Youtubers
YouTube is the brainchild of 3 friends (all former employees of PayPal) who wanted to create a website for people to share videos. What started as a simple and noble idea in 2005 has since evolved to become one of the world's most recognizable platforms. It's so popular even a 2-year-old know what it is. And because YouTube has such massive followers, some YouTubers end up having millions of subscribers and in the process become freaking rich and famous. Here we present the Top 10 YouTubers of all time:

1. PewDiePie
Subscribers: 97Mil
Aka: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg
Content style: Gaming


The undisputed King of YouTube started off making goofy commentaries on video games but has since branched off into vlogs, podcasts and comedy sketches. While his Let's Play videos (video game playthroughs) are riddled with profanity, fans love him for his honest and unfiltered comments. In short, this guy shoots his mouth off and people love it. Hah. Check out one of his videos here:

2. Dude Perfect
Subscribers: 43Mil
Aka: Coby and Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, Tyler Toney, and a giant panda mascot Content style: Sports


Sports lovers can easily identify with this group of men (with abs!) who share trick shots and sports stunts accompanied by ridiculously catchy music. They've come a long way from sharing videos of themselves competing against each other over a sandwich to featuring videos of talk show parodies (Overtime), launching mobile games ( Dude Perfect, Endless Ducker) and even having their own reality TV show. Wow. Let's see these guys breaking some world records:

3. Smosh
Subscribers: 24Mil
Aka: Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox
Content style: Sketch Comedy

via Gfycat

Once upon a time, 2 childhood friends uploaded a video of them lip-synching to the Pokemon anime theme song. This video took the world by storm and the rest, as they say, is history. From there, the buddies continued making other lip-synching videos as well as videos about food and pop culture riddled with deadpan humor. Oh, they also have video games and mobile apps released under them too! Here's a hilarious video of them on “If people acted like Youtubers:

4. VanossGaming
Aka: Evan Fong
Content Style: Gaming


Gamers would know this YouTuber in a heartbeat. Vanoss' status has been immortalized as THE ultimate video game commentator where he posts montage style videos of him and his friends chit-chatting and joking while playing games such as 'Fortnite' and 'Minecraft'. His love for games was so overwhelming that his original YouTube channel's symbol was modeled in the shape of 'V', to pay homage to 'Grand Theft Auto V'. Fans relate to the fact that he's just a regular guy who enjoys playing video games just as much as they do. Watch one of his most endearing video game commentaries:

5. NigaHiga
Subscribers: 22Mil
Aka: Ryan Higa
Content Style: Comedy


This black belt holder started posting videos of him and his best friend lip-syncing to songs even while he was still in high school. This quickly expanded to other comedic pieces such as ‘How to be a ninja’ and ‘How to be emo’ as well as a parody K-POP group called BgA ( Boys Generally Asian) where Ryan and his friends produce and sing their own songs about poop, albeit in a comedic way.
See if these boys can melt your heart with this video:

6. Shane Dawson
Subscribers: 21Mil
Aka: Shane Lee Yaw
Content Style: Comedy


This writer, comedian, actor, and internet personality solidified his presence in the world of social media since he first burst onto the scene more than a decade ago. His videos consist mainly of comedy sketches with him impersonating celebrities while poking fun at pop culture. This guy also tickles your bones with music parodies of famous artists. But his most recent foray into conspiracy theories has amassed a massive following. In these videos, EVERYTHING is deemed a conspiracy; from Disney brainwashing kids to Apple's Face Time glitch. Cue to X-File's theme song. Du-duu-du-duu-du-du....Check this out:

7. Ryan's Toys Review
Subscribers: 20Mil
Aka: Ryan Kaji
Content style: Toys


Would you believe it? This kid is barely 10 and he's already a millionaire. And he earned all this money by playing toys! His parents got the idea of uploading videos of him playing toys for fun and somehow, his innocence and honest reactions have garnered a worldwide following. He got so famous his mother had to resign from her job as a teacher just to manage his YouTube channel full time! Check out the kid who's way richer than all of us combined:


8. Logan Paul
Subscribers: 19Mil
Aka: Logan Alexander Paul
Content Style: Vlogs


Once a revered internet personality, Logan Paul fell from grace after he uploaded a video mocking the dead in the Aokigahara forest (known as the Suicide Forest) in Japan. But he’s still famous for his music videos, comedy sketches, and short films, most of which are peppered with cute and silly background animation. To his credit, this guy has been uploading videos to Vines ( the granddaddy of YouTube) since he was 10 and is, therefore, an old hand at social media. Here's one of his most watched videos:

9. Liza Koshy
Subscribers: 17mil
Aka: Elizabeth Shaila Koshy
Content Style: Comedy


The $4million net worth Youtuber began publishing videos on Vines platform and over the years she had amassed over 5 million followers. Apart from becoming a famous Youtuber, she has also acted in TV series’ and several films. Liza Koshy who was nominated in various awards had won Teens Choice Award and two Streamy Awards. When she posted her breakup with her boyfriend, David Dobrik, also a fellow Youtuber, her fans were saddened by the news. However, Liza Koshy’s fans are more than happy that they got back together. Her breakup videos that reached 55 million views showed how her followers root for their relationship. You might want to watch this:

10. James Charles
Subscribers: 16Mil
Aka: James Charles Dickinson
Content Style: Beauty


This makeup artist and beauty YouTuber recently set a world record for having lost a whopping 1 million subscribers in a single day. Why? Apparently, he offended another celebrity YouTuber. YouTubers and their drama. Sigh. Still, many remain a fan of his beauty videos where this first-ever male Cover Girl ambassador teaches women all over the world how to make themselves look beautiful and presentable effortlessly. If you're ever in need of beauty inspiration, check this video out:

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