Being Confident VS Being Unhealthy

Knowing the difference

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Being Confident VS Being Unhealthy
Two decades ago, Gen X decided that they had had enough of looking at the 34”-24”-34” Barbie doll clones on the cover of every other magazine. So, they came up with a brilliant idea. (We reckon this was probably THE best idea they ever had). They started the body positivity movement. This movement went on to change the face of the world, allowing every average Jane and Joe like us to look in the mirror and say,” Hey, I’m not that bad looking after all”. Thank you Gen X. We lurve you. But there is a fine line between body positivity and being overly positive about our bodies such that it borders on being unhealthy. Here’s how we differentiate them.



1. Embrace the fact that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way.

“ I still look sexy with a little ‘spare tyre’ hanging out of my skinny jeans.”

2. Accept our bodies regardlessly of the size, shape and color while working towards improving our health and overall well being.

“That means y’all still need to hit the gym and eat your greens people!”

3. It aims to change society’s perception that there should be more than one body type.

“Kate Moss you are so yesterday”

4. Basically not having to eat nuts and berries every day ( we’re not birds!) to squeeze into a shirt 4 sizes too small. Um….’nuff said.



1. Adopting a negative attitude towards exercise.

“ Who cares if I can’t fit through the door or that the doctor says I’ll get a cardiac arrest soon? I’m still going lay on my couch all day long because I love my body”

2. Not eating right.

“ I don’t want to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner because looking anorexic makes me feel good”

3. Not being hygienic.

“What body odor? That’s my natural perfume”

Loving ourselves means living life in the best way possible. Treat our bodies as a holy temple. Purify them and keep them clean. And that means staying healthy; in a way that will not put excessive pressure on our internal organs or make our body work any more than it should. We have only one life and one body to live in, so let’s make it count, shall we?

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