You Are Only Trendy When You Have Tried These!

Are you part of the trend cycle?

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You Are Only Trendy When You  Have Tried These!
1.Boba Milk Tea

Code Red! Code Red! Boba tea is taking over the world! Boba tea, short for bubble tea and milk tea is a tea-based drink combined with fresh milk or brown sugar that first originated from Taiwan. Here in Malaysia, SS15 is THE spot for your boba fix with not one but NINE bubble tea chains! Even other food outlets such as Secret Recipe, Family Mart and even Beer Factory joined the hype by introducing their own version of boba. Join Jonathan Ng as he takes the challenge to rank and rate these boba chains.

2. Bottle Challenge

You ain’t cool if you haven’t tried to roundhouse kick a bottle cap off! Started by Taekwondo Instructor and Fighter, Farabi Davletchin, he challenged @jasonstatham @thenotoriousmma @jcvd and @jackiechan. That challenge was accepted and hit the world by storm when Jason Statham answered with his entry. The cool thing about this challenge is that it tests our limits and got some people learning martial arts after trying out the challenge. Not to be biased, but our favourite entry of all time would definitely be Donnie Yen. He did it blindfolded! How?!

3. Bottle Flip Challenge

It is not just about flipping the bottle but its about flipping it epically! The bottle flip challenge first came to light when teen Michael Senatore from North Carolina flipped a water bottle at a talent show. Simple right, but not anymore. The challenge now covers stunts while flipping, flipping on small surfaces, flip a bottle on a bottle and even flipping your stationery! Check out this compilation of flipping!

4. Spicy Food Challenge

Nothing like adding a little burn to our taste buds! The spicy food challenge started with the ever famous Korean Samyang Spicy Noodle. The challenge was to finish one packet of Samyang without drinking any water. Now every brand, including Samyang is coming up with more level of spiciness to keep the challenge alive. Even Mekdi is joining with the Ayam Goreng McD 3X Spicier. One video that caught our attention is this challenge video by OOHAMI as he took on not only 1 but 9 pieces of McD 3X Spicier. Can someone pass us the water, please? We are feeling the heat!

5.Face App Trend

Face App trends are forever changing. From looking like a puppy to adding flowers to your head to looking like a baby and the latest one, adding some wrinkles to your face to look old! Be it Snapchat, Snow or Face App, all of them trends pick up instantly especially once a celebrity picks it from the many. Let's be frank, some of these transformations looked shockingly real. If you don’t believe us, have a look for yourself at this video of face app challenge by our own Malaysian artists.

6. Kiki Challenge

You can be a professional dancer, but you ain’t got the move if you have not done the Kiki Dance! The ‘In My Feelings’ Challenge started by comedian Shiggy, inspired by Drake’s track ‘In My Feelings’. The challenge further evolved to include a moving vehicle when Odell Becham filmed himself taking the challenge. This caused a slight backlash when the challenge is deemed unsafe. Beyond that, we have celebrities and personalities from all corners of the world joining the hype. You can catch the top entries in Drake’s official music video!

7. Mannequin Challenge

Most challenges require movements but some does not! The Mannequin Challenge is just that! the name itself is self-explanatory but to further explain the idea of the challenge is for your environment and camera to be moving but you or your friends involved will be as still as a mannequin. Most challenges include the track ‘Black Bettles’ by Rae Stremmurd with these ‘mannequins’ posed in different creative poses. Some going the extent to be levitating in the air! Check out some of the cool ones compiled here!

8. Ice Bucket Challenge

One of the most confusing trends of all time was the Ice Bucket Challenge. Compared to other challenges, this challenge was the most significant one because it created awareness on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). The challenge first started by Pete Frates and Pat Quinn, both diagnosed with ALS, where they dumped a bucket of ice water over their heads during cold weather. The challenge symbolised reflecting a willingness to keep fighting. Big names like Mark Zuckerberg, Justin Bieber, and Tom Cruise uploaded a video of them participating in the ice bucket challenge to support the movement and amazingly, the movement raised $115M; in which $77M was used to fund researchers and $23M was used for patient as well as community services. Check out this video compilation of celebrities doing the ice bucket challenge.

Out of all these trends, which one have you tried? Honestly, it’s all on our fingertips. Anyone could do it anywhere, at anytime at all. You could get boba milk tea just around the corner (literally, every corner there’s a boba shop now), or do the Ayam Goreng McD 3x Spicy challenge just a click away through the delivery application, or the ice bucket challenge in front of your house (and get a scolding from mom for wasting water and ice). Then again, if you have ticked off most of these trends above, come and watch our episode on WTF where we talk about ‘Ikut Trend’, a topic which circles around trends and its relevance in today’s lifestyle. Check it out below!


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