Which One Annoys You The Most?

Dealing with one’s bad habits is the last thing we want to do

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Which One Annoys You The Most?

“OH MYY GODDD! Stop it already!” - Anonymous 


Well, well, well, before we even begin, here’s a simple mental exercise. Nope, we are definitely not making you calculate things but this is what YOU NEED TO DO:

List your TOP 5 bad habits:
  1. ________________
  2. ________________
  3. ________________
  4. ________________
  5. ________________
Do you have more or you got stuck at number 3? Hah, gotcha! Everyone in this world has no excuses to avoid having bad habits. Psst! Even the prince charming William Charles too has bad habits. The critical problem now is, which bad habit annoys you the most?

#1 Nail biting

We can tell if a person has this habit by looking at their fingernails. Yap! Scan through their nails and wallah! Nervousness is not the only reason they bite their nails but the tendency to reduce anxiety is one of the reasons too. You see, when people bite their nails, they would either look for a solution or wait for one to drop from the sky. Their busy mind just got physical. Busy biting.

#2 Pen Clicking


Picture yourself in an exam hall and everyone is sitting cozily and ready to sit for their examination and there’s this oneeeeeeeeeeee person; THAT PARTICULAR ONE PERSON has been constantly clicking his/her pen. The pen clicking just has to break the silence and irks everyone in the room. How annoying is that?

#3 Fidgeting legs


How restless are you when you’re nervous? Or maybe we should have asked you precisely, how well-behaved are your legs when you have butterflies in your stomach? Ahaaa! It’s pretty common for most of us to feel nervous OCCASIONALLY but do people fidget because they are nervous or because of boredom? Hhummmmm. Rethink about it because sometimes people fidget because they’re simply bored or tired of waiting. It’s also a non-verbal language that explains “Dudeeee, how long must I wait for you?”

#4 Fickle-minded


Deciding where to eat is a Malaysian MAJOR issue! BIGGGG TIMEEE! No kiddin’, Malaysians spent approximately one and a half hours to figure where to eat! Yesss, I know! Besides that, here’s another. A friend who has the habit of changing choices will definitely irk us and how do we make up his/her mind? Don’t give options. FULL STOP! Just go with it.

#5 Too many ‘UMMM’s

Ummmm, where should I begin? You see, ummm..people have this habit too ummmm...OHHH-KAY!

See the context there? Do you have any idea how annoying it is when we need to communicate with someone who says UMMM every 3 seconds?! We know they couldn’t help it but this is more than just a habit; this is a speech problem. The frequent ‘Ummm’ not just annoys you but trust me you’ll bore people away. But don’t worry! It can be fixed. Here’s how you can stop saying umm. Hope it’s helpful!

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