Love Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All

What is hidden behind the curtain may not be as invisible as it seems.

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Love Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All

Don’t we just love stating the obvious?

Not that it’s anyone’s business to invade someone else’s privacy, but some juicy details are left out there in the open. It’s certain that many of us have experienced or observed certain behavioural patterns in a romantic relationship. Some may honestly agree, and some may shoot to denial.

Let’s begin with a little icebreaker, shall we?



Relationships develop in various ways from the craze of falling in love at first sight, making an impression with sweet pick-up lines or an overtime commitment between two close friends. Therefore, we who tend to keep track of our or other people’s love life are quick to create a fun opinion about relationships. 

So, shall we get to what those popular opinions are? Let’s go!

#1 The Love Triangle



Yes, this brings a lot of drama in a love life.

We can say that a couple seems to be moving on the right track in their relationship until a “new character” steps in the way. Some situations are just a genuine coincidence while some...well some are just predictable.

A common emotion present in this state is jealousy. It has been romanticized in many cultures and some use it as an opportunity to do a “health check” on their current love life. However, a love triangle uncovers more than just jealousy. In some relationships, having more than one companion reveals a dominant character in a person although it may not cultivate a healthy relationship.

On the contrary, a good example like the movie “To All The Boys P.S I Still Love You” brings a little change in perspective towards what a love triangle could also be.

#2 The Blame Game

Now, we’re not love doctors but playing the ‘blame game’ is more common than you think. The blame game takes place often in an unhealthy relationship whereby the couple struggles with trust issues and commitments.

If you have a secret obsession with one of the most popular American sitcoms, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., you will be familiar with the whole Ross and Rachel drama. We all know how long that lasts, right?



A suggested opinion to get past this is to know that it is important to always talk things out and work towards an agreement that satisfies both parties. Relationships can be a big responsibility but if love can drive us to accomplish the impossible, don’t you think it’s worth fighting for?

#3 The Fairytale Life



Ahhhh yes…young lovers who ‘instantly’ fall in love with one another not knowing their biggest challenge is present closer than imagined. The highlight of their story is all about coming from separate worlds and wondering if they are really meant for each other.

Yeah, it sounds dramatic! Besides, many millennials today are aware that the fairytale life is just not realistic…duhhh. So, why bring it up?

Well, there may be a slight chance that a part of them wished to live the fairytale dream. In some cultures, social status places an important role therefore a change in social status may determine the respect they get from their families and community.


#4 Finding Mr. Right



Here’s something obvious…there will always be that one friend whom we could think of that just had enough of bad breakups. So, until Mr. Right comes along, they may just be in a pool of despair.

I’m sure you’ve heard the words, “I will never love again”, right? But, we all know what comes after.



Breakups are hard especially when a person invests all of their time, money and affection for the future of that person’s relationship. For the loss of their love life, some even make rash decisions that just don’t end well for either one of the couples.

Anyway, there are still many people who move on by pursuing self-maturity and building their lives in other aspects like their family, career, skills and travel. Often, when their minds are occupied with other matters, it speeds up the process of healing from their past breakups.

Hence, Mr. Right comes along who people may say it’s the ‘perfect fit’ for a great future together.

These are just a few of the many popular relationship ball games out there. While it is visible out in the open, let us not take advantage of it for selfish reasons but rather make it a point to respect other people’s privacy (unless they are comfortable sharing it with you).

On another note, join Denise Chan on What’s The Feed for a juicy topic of “Do You Keep Your Ex’s Photos?”


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