Saluting Our Frontline Heroes This Labour Day

Some great sacrifices are made for the benefit of others.

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Saluting Our Frontline Heroes This Labour Day

Labour Day…even though it’s one time a year, it screams HOLIDAY for most people!
This significant day shows very much importance to all employers and employees across the country and to recognize them for all their hard work and services. Every year, Labour Day is an opportunity for all labourers to take a day off and spend some quality with their families or even just a little time of self-care.
However, that doesn’t seem to be the case this year don’t you think so?
Here’s the twist. As the monstrous pandemic disease strikes the world, many people had their jobs on the line. In fact, some don’t have much to celebrate because they lost their job.




Don’t worry, their concerns did not go unseen. Therefore, we are thankful to all country leaders for taking measures towards the unpaid employees by providing sufficient allowance so that their families would not struggle to survive without basic needs. The harmful COVID-19 has added a ton of extra hours for a group of labourers whom we may see often but not necessarily given much appreciation.
Who are these people? Well, just keep reading and you’ll find out!

#1 The Doctors and Nurses

Yes, it seems like I am stating the obvious. However, isn’t it true at times they are underrated?

During this Movement Control Order (MCO), doctors and nurses are almost like working machines treating patients that have been affected by the COVID-19 and on top of that meetings patients that struggle with other sickness or disease. Furthermore, hospitals have recruited housemen for additional help during this tough time.



On an average day, these medical heroes work long hours too even though they take turns on shifts. Some of us may say, “working long hours is part of the package when you choose this career”.
Yes, that’s undeniably true. As true as that sounds, it is also true that they are humans too. Therefore, they deserve much credit, rest and having their needs met too. 

#2 The Soldiers and Police

These guys are more than just crime fighters!
The joint force of the police and army around us during this MCO period may seem like a hassle. I know you can relate when I say we just don’t like RESTRICTIONS! It’s just an uncomfortable state for all of us and metaphorically speaking it’s like prison…with a little luxury.



Anyways, we shouldn’t be undermining the roles and responsibilities of our fellow policemen and soldiers. They pull through day and night to make sure all citizens follow the law and order of the country which is to our benefit. For instance, enforcing the law of social distancing and limiting the travel options.

Besides, when there is a lawbreaker on the loose, it is an opportunity for the group of armed men and women to act on their roles. In case some of you are living under rock, here is footage that reason out why we should salute these fellow law enforcers.

#3 The Food Suppliers

No doubt, this is one of the most essential industries during the MCO!
You must have remembered the ‘Armageddon’ chaos at all supermarkets when the Movement Control Order was initiated. People misunderstood the MCO for a complete lockdown which led them to the game of ‘survival of the fittest’.
Despite what has happened, we are eternally grateful for all who work in the food industry that is making sure that our fellow citizens are well provided during this difficult time.

#4 Cleaners


Whenever we are at school, college, work or other public places, we always encounter these common people, the cleaners who are mostly left unappreciated especially at their job. Even though they are far from the limelight, a crucial time as this created an opportunity for their jobs to shine for much more importance than before.



The MCO displayed the seriousness of a cleaner’s job to do their best in providing a clean environment for all people at all public places especially places like the hospitals, airport, train stations and corporate officers.
Have you wondered when was the last time you said your “Thank You” and showed your appreciation to your closest ‘mak cik’ cleaner? This thought may not come across our minds very often.



These are just the few of the many frontline people who deserve a salute and much appreciation. If you are a frontline hero reading this article whom we may not have named your job…guess what WE SALUTE YOU!
In relation to public holidays such as Labour Day, watch this Surely Malaysian video that may lighten up your mood.


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