Teachers Get Creative During The Lockdown

Teachers can find a way to teach even when the resources change.

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Teachers Get Creative During The Lockdown

“The influence of teachers extends beyond the classroom, well into the future.” - F. Sionil Jose

Here’s a craaaazy idea…with the whole pandemic going on, do you think teachers got that desired break they’ve always wanted every now and then from dealing with their students? Nooooo! Gotta admit…students are a handful and teachers do get drained out after a long day at their school or academy.



Apart from fulfilling their roles and responsibilities as a teacher, they also grew a genuine concern for their pupils. That’s right y’all! They decided to do something FAST so that students won’t stop learning. So ever since the “new normal”, schools have taken a new twist to keep in touch with their students who are at home during this COVID-19 lockdown period.
Get ready folks! These teachers are coming for ya..SO WHO’S EXCITED?

First things first…ONLINE CLASSES! The greatest resource we’ve got in today’s century is modern technology. Besides taking the old fashion whiteboard, markers, pens and paper…teachers make use of devices such as laptops, smartphones and the great INTERNET to provide video tutorials and online materials to study, and also conduct classes remotely through apps like ZOOM.
Yeah, in no time we will all become tech savvy.


If you’re a teacher, especially who teaches little kids, you would agree with the fact that they have short attention spans. In other words, THEY GET RESTLESS VERY QUICKLY. Not to mention all teachers are competing with all the distractions or rather something far more entertaining for the child than what is offered by the teachers.
So to raise the bar for the “competition”, this teacher attempts to get creative by creating Youtube videos for little kids to gain their attention during this quarantine.


Besides the classic giving of loads of homework, teachers also take the opportunity to develop new skills for the sake of the students. Teachers, you gotta lead by example, right…plus you don’t want to get caught not knowing how to operate the skill the student is instructed to develop.
That would just be embarrassing.


Anyway, teachers who took the time to learn new skills are already a testament to the fact that even teachers need to keep learning. Here is a teacher who kinda made learning a two way street. Check out this tweet below.

Lastly, teachers are also great influencers in the lives of their pupils. To some students they are a mom or dad persona, and others a friend to count on. Guys, don’t we all have memories of our favourite teachers? And let’s be honest, I bet some great memories didn’t have anything to do with learning but just being around them, having small talks ‘cause they just brighten your day.

Likewise, teachers also keep their memories alive by showering their care and affection for their students. During this awful pandemic, this group of teachers made a simple video so that they could express themselves to all their students and give them strong encouragement to ease up the worries and bring joy by showing they are safe and well.

Reading and watching all the awesome things that teachers have done for the benefits of their students sure is heart-warming. So peeps…before we rush into making a comment, let’s remember that we don’t know what goes on BEHIND THE SCENES, okay. They surely would’ve faced a ton of challenges just to make it happen for the students benefit.
So, let’s appreciate all teachers because they are our SuperHEROES…from all the contributions that are visibly seen and all that remains hidden. Teachers, this is a toast to you. CHEERS!

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