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Smart Gadgets And Tools To Complete Your Dream Kitchen

Upgrade your kitchen for the convenience, comfort and cooking of delicious food every day.

Smart Gadgets And Tools To Complete Your Dream Kitchen

Our passion for cooking wouldn’t be complete without our idealised kitchen right? Every cook has their own preferences and concept for their dream kitchen whether it’s inspired by a luxurious 5-star restaurant or just something to fit the comforts of their homes.
Whilst some press for a convenient kitchen, some look for all they need for every dish they prepare. Hey, that’s not a bad thing at all. If you’re the cook of the family, you may relate to this. “I need more storage! I can’t work with only these knives! We need a bigger fridge!”...and the list just goes on and on and on.



Kitchens have transformed over the centuries though some of us may pay less attention to the details. Face it guys. Our knowledge about kitchens may not go to the extent of what we have at home.
We’ve gone far from gigantic pots like cauldrons (where witches stir their potions over an open fire) to modern day tech like the microwaves and toasters. But, that’s not all we have today! Check out some of the best smart gadgets and tools that could enhance the look and give your kitchen an upgrade.
P.S You may be seeing or hearing some of it for the first time.


1. Family Hub Smart Fridge

It’s pretty obvious we all need a fridge in our kitchen to store food. Well, guess what...this fridge does more than that! Apart from storing food, it has a smart function that allows you to see what you have inside it from anywhere, plan your daily meal from the ingredients you have in the fridge, watch videos and play music while you’re busy in the kitchen, create and send your shopping list to another device, let your kids do a digital doodle and so much more!


2. Whisk Cleaner


This isn’t a tool you often see at any home. I’m sure after a wonderful bake, you would clean your whisk with some soap over the sink. Hey, that’s cool. However, there is now a whisk cleaner that could give you a shiny and thoroughly deep clean your whisk for your next batter stir.


3. Induction Cooktops

Isn’t it common that you get those ‘uncles’ to deliver gas cylinders to your house every now and then when the fire on your stove stops burning? Not only are the gas cylinders heavy, they also need to be purchased each time it runs out of gas. The induction cooktops are now a smart choice for a smart living. Truly, it’s advanced in technology and designed with a beautiful look compared to the bulky stove that needs a gas cylinder.


4. Microwave Cleaner

Hey millennials, don’t we just love using the microwave? It’s the most convenient appliance we have at home! I think we’re all caught red-handed by not being the ones who cleans it up. Well, this little feisty lady can help you out. All we need to do is fill her up with some water and vinegar, leave her in the microwave for 7 minutes and watch her blow off some steam!


5. Smart Blender

Are you super health conscious? Always keeping count of your calorie intakes? Love a healthy smoothie? Then this gadget would do the trick! This smart blender can fulfil your need to calculate your nutritional values for literally every ingredient you put in your smoothies. It’s a perfect way to keep up with your strict healthy diet and achieve your fitness goal.


6. Adjustable Rolling Pin

When it comes to baking, we all know that measurements are important. Ain’t pulling the cheat sheet, right…This adjustable rolling pin gives you the perfect measurements you need for the thickness of your dough by using those colourful and cute rings.
If Ariana Grande can have 7 rings, well so can a rolling pin!


7. Non-Stick Divided Meat Skillet


So, home cooks…don’t you think that there’s a lot to be done each time you are trying to prepare a meal? Especially when you want to serve with a variety of elements on a plate. Well, your load is gonna be a lot easier with this! Though it still takes time to prepare the ingredients you’re still saving a lot of time with all the elements in one skillet. It’s the perfect deal especially for one or two servings.


8. Smart Coffee Maker

There’s no better way to kickstart the day than having a nice cup of joe, right? We definitely need to get all the caffeine for the day. If this is a part of your lifestyle, you would want to invest into this awesome smart coffee maker. It is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to connect your smartphone to the coffee maker to customize and prepare your good cup of coffee for the day. Here’s an idea…no need to wait till you get to the kitchen. You start making your cup of joe from your room!



Alright home cooks, there are more tools out there that can complete your dream kitchen. Some of you might be second guessing some of these probably because you think it’s costly. Hey, it’s never too late to turn your kitchen dreams into reality.  Why not get one at time? The kitchen is going nowhere. All the modern-day technology has surely raised a good tech talk. Catch more right here.

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