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Today’s Best Ironic Memes That Have Revolutionised The Way We Communicate

Undeniably witty memes we all can relate.

Today’s Best Ironic Memes That Have Revolutionised The Way We Communicate

Memes are definitely blessings for humanity as it helps us get through difficult times in our lives which will make us laugh the moment we see them.
Everything changes when we start thinking about them. But somehow we will end up laughing at in anyway cause’ who on earth doesn’t love some burning humours.



Despite the negative preconceptions about ‘meme culture’, memes still have the capacity to be very typical and are evolving every day. Whatever purpose these may serve, these ironic memes are all we need to see.

1. Smile Like the Sunshine This Chair.


When the chair is way happier than all of us.

2. “You Don’t Matter. Give Up”. Wait, whud?



Well, the alignment matters now.

3. Sums Up Our Entire Lives.


Hey millennials, couldn’t relate more huh?

4. A Meme in A Meme.

After all, the love we have towards memes are totally endless.

5. Excuse Me, I Have to Go Make a Scene.


And that’s how drama begins…

6. The Caffeine Hitch We All Could Relate.



Yet, we still can’t get over caffeine, kan?

7. The Never-Ending Pain.


When you no longer like that “bangun pagi, gosok gigi” moments.

8. When They Say Beauty is in Your Genes.



9. That “Unfairly Fair” Moment.


P.S Only girls would understand the “ironic theory” behind this.

10. The Power of Asian Parents.



We really got to agree that Asians are definitely good at “fixing” things.

11. And The Most Ironic Meme Goes to.. 


We all should remember that ironic memes can be a good kick in the a** to remind us about life and entertain us as well. Whether it’s good or bad, there’s no denying that memes have revolutionised the way we communicate. 
It is all about embracing who you are and how you want to live your life, and, sometimes, a little can go a long way. At the end of the day they’re nothing more than a fun example of people using humour as a way of coping with all the tragedies and misery that life can offer.
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