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Darkest Realities About Love And Relationships You Should Keep In Mind

Take a glimpse of the bitter truth in relationships.

Darkest Realities About Love And Relationships You Should Keep In Mind

The trouble that most of our generation are struggling with is to keep a positive relationship afloat and failing to understand the fact that there’s always ups and downs when it comes to a relationship.



When you go against the grain, by choice, it will steer you away from what you feel right. To avoid that, here are some bitter truths about relationships that you should accept and hopefully it’ll help shape your relationships hitherto.

Here’s one brutal reality that you should really accept with an open heart. When getting to know the person, make sure you are comfortable with who they are instead of having the mindset of “I can change him/her soon.” Never get mad at someone for being who they’ve always been, instead, be upset with yourself for not coming to terms with it sooner. Do not make the mistake of thinking you can make them change for you.

News flash! Relationships aren’t like the k-soap dramas you are binging on ah-ssa, it’s not even close to reality.

Just because you get into a new relationship, that doesn’t mean the scars from your previous relationship will magically heal. Get help from your friends or family for emotional support instead of getting into a new relationship for the sake of moving on from the past. You need to feel good about yourself first, before investing in someone else.

It’s not math!

Sad, we know, but very true. We sometimes tend to be thinking that love works like math or science, we put a lot and expect more in return. But in truth, you’re going to get hurt, it is only the matter of how and when. The best way to love is to not expect anything, make sure to do something open heartedly.

A relationship is not always lovey-dovey, eventually you get bored, annoyed and even gets irritated at the sound of their voice - especially during this global pandemic, you might find all that extra togetherness is overwhelming and even committed couples can start to become lethargic.

Rather than draw your attention to the negative bias, why not stir it to the positive. Couples who argue a lot can be happy with one another if they balance their disagreements with positive interactions.

Not every relationship will lead to marriage, and it’s okay. It’s always good to wish for the best but also wise to prepare for the worst. As you date and get to know the other person, just try your best to see that it works out well…but if it doesn't, get ready to nurse your wound and move on.

As Ariana Grande sings,
Thank you, next
Thank you, next
Thank you, next
I'm so f****' grateful for my ex

These realities are hard to accept but you need to have faith before you enter into any relationship. They say life is the greatest teacher and we totally agree with it. Gleaned these bitter truths and it will change the way you approach love and relationships forever.

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