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This Viral Photo Of A Woman Sheltering A Senior Citizen Proves That M'sians Are A Caring Bunch

How heartwarming!

This Viral Photo Of A Woman Sheltering A Senior Citizen Proves That M'sians Are A Caring Bunch
It was just a no-nonsense photo of the daily life of regular citizens, but it was powerful enough to touch people’s hearts.

That’s because the photo reflects a kindness that goes beyond religion and colour that we as Malaysians can relate to.

We are sure you guys would know which photo we were talking about by now.

Such a heart-warming scene

You guys must have seen the photo of a group of people waiting in line to be serviced at a bank, and a concerned woman can be seen trying her hardest to shelter a senior citizen from the scorching sun with what looked like a file.

Here's the heart-warming picture, in case you haven't seen it before:

The photo that warmed everyone's hearts.
The photo went viral on social media after it was shared by the senior citizen’s granddaughter Privitha Maimaran.

"On behalf of my grandmother and family... I would like to take this opportunity to thank the lady who was holding a file in her hand for protecting my grandmother from the hot sun while they waited outside the bank for a long time," she wrote in the post.

Privitha also added that the reason she's decided to share this photo is to show that Malaysians are caring towards each other, regardless of race and religion.

Privitha told Malaysiakini later that the incident happened in Maybank in Menglembu, Ipoh last week when her 78-year-old grandmother, Lachumi Arunasalam, had some bank transactions to conduct.

She shared that her grandmother was sent to the bank by her cousin, but her cousin was unable to go along as she had to stay in the car to take care of her children.

"Those who wanted to enter the bank had to queue up before being allowed to go in, as per COVID-19 standard operating procedure (SOP). This was when my cousin saw the lady helping to cover the head of our grandmother from the hot sun.

"She immediately took a photo which she then sent to me," said Privitha, adding that she managed to contact the woman on Facebook to thank her for her kind gesture.

Faith in Malaysians restored!